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Buffer Launches A Standalone Analytics Platform

The product, Analyze, brings Buffer to three products.

Today Buffer released its third product, a standalone analytics platform called Analyze. Analyze supports social media managers in analyzing their performance on Instagram and Facebook.

Analyze was first put into production in July 2017 and had their first customer while still in beta in February of 2018. At the time of launch, Analyze has more than 1,000 paying customers and is earning more than $500,000 in annual revenue.

In a blog post written by Analyze Product Manager, Tom Redman he shares that “Analyze’s revenue should match our expenses this year, right around that $1M mark, and recoup its investment to date in the next two years.”

Analyze is Buffer’s third product, the second being Reply which was originally acquired as Respondly in 2015. This product launch brings the company to achieve a vision set out by CEO Joel Gascoigne in 2017 to turn Buffer into a “multi-product company.”

Analyze’s features include allowing users to create reports on their performance in as few as two clicks as well as offering intuitive answers about the best day to post, the types of posts that perform best, and how often to post to maximize engagement.

In addition to now having three products, Buffer also has over 75,000 paying customers and recently surpassed $20 Million in ARR.

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