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Buffer Surpasses $20 Million In Annual Revenue, Expands Into Brand Building

Buffer, a software company well known in the world of social media, now offers three products and is shifting focus from social media and into brand building.

The Buffer team has been actively working towards building out a full suite of brand-building products for businesses over the last few years. With their latest product Analyze, which was released in July of this year, they now offer three products designed to help businesses build their brand and connect with their customers online.

Buffer’s full suite of products includes: Publish, which is their core product, helps with planning content and visual marketing; Reply, which was originally acquired as Respondly in 2015, helps businesses respond to customer service on social media; And finally, their most recent product Analyze gives insights into growing on Facebook and Instagram.

According to Buffer’s CEO Joel Gascoigne, “We’re now a fundamentally different company.” He adds, “Building a brand is one of the most important and one of the hardest things for growing an early company. And now, this is what we're focusing all our efforts on at Buffer.”

This expansion of Buffer’s offerings comes at a time when the company is close to being 8 years old, has just surpassed $20 Million in ARR, and expects to reach $23 Million in ARR by the end of the year. It took the now 90-person team 6 years to reach $10 million and only 3 years after that to double it to $20 million. Buffer is in a unique position having spent $3.3 Million buying out a large portion of investors just last year while also having recently rebuilt their codebase.

Buffer’s most up-to-date financial numbers are as follows:

  • Number of customers: 75,000
  • Annual Run Rate: $21.2 Million
  • Revenue per teammate: $244,215

Up-to-date photos and logos are available at

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Buffer is a suite of social media products made for modern, online brands, providing them with the tools they need for visual marketing, audience engagement, and analytics. We want to help these brands stand out online and to drive meaningful engagement and measurable results for their brand and their bottom line. Our suite of publishing, engagement, and analytics tools helps more than 75,000 brands build remarkable online profiles. Learn more at

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