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The Business of Blogging: A Bufferchat Recap

Jul 28, 2016 5 min readBufferchat

This week on #bufferchat, Val Geisler of ConvertKit stopped by to share her expertise and advice on the business of blogging! We discussed strategies for building an engaged readership, tips for creating a content plan, suggestions for multiple revenue streams, and much more!

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Bufferchat on July 27, 2016: The Business of Blogging

This week’s stats:
1st Bufferchat: 103 participants; 530 tweets; reach of 960,721
2nd Bufferchat: 281 participants;1,931 tweets; reach of 1,985,391

Q1: How do you define “success” for a blogger?

From Val:

  • Success looks different for everyone. For me it’s knowing that I can leave work and focus on family at the end of the day.

From the community:

  • “Success is when audience loves their content, getting accolades from industry leaders. @denharsh is perfect example.” @DaljeetkKaur
  • “‘Success’ for bloggers means when the blog starts to sustain itself, or when you gain skills you need to advance your career.” @rhizaoyos
  • “Success is not based on vanity metrics but rather the willpower and determination to continue despite obstacles.” @MktgInnovator
  • “Are people reading your words? Do people talk about what you write or leave comments or thumbs up?” @rouxroamer
  • “The value & success of your blog is determined by the readers not the authors…. Listen, Engage & Provide what they want!” @iSocialFanz

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Q2: What skills would you recommend for someone who’s interested in building a blogging business?

From Val:

  • Time blocking. Learning to manage your calendar and prioritize is crucial to being successful. Know what matters every day.

From the community:

  • “You need to have a command of language. Communicating succinctly a big plus.” @adamrodricks
  • “Photography, communication and social media skills are a MUST. You need to know how to connect w/others.” @SprouseRachel
  • “Try to write daily, even if you don’t hit publish. The best weren’t the best the first time they wrote either.” @J_Rouser
  • “Goal setting, patience, creativity, writing, editing, SEO, HTML… there really are a lot of skills involved.” @zacharyfenell
  • “With no hesitation Perseverance is the skill to build a blogging business, you can easily learn the rest.” @diveinthecrowd

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Q3: What are some key strategies for building a really engaged readership?

From Val:

  • Get engaged with them. Email them, reply to their comments, do webinars. Being human goes a long way.
  • The same word that keeps showing up here today, @buffer: CONSISTENCY.
  • Teach everything you know.
  • Tell stories, not lectures. Give them something to relate to and find the human element in everything you do.

From the community:

  • “Communicating back! No one wants to talk to a wall – responding back to followers is key & truly builds relationships.” @verb_house
  • “Ask questions. “Feature” customer/reader posts submitted to you on your page, use visuals whenever you can and be consistent.” @sarahtaqvi
  • “Building engaged readership: thru your content – solve problems, make people imagine, tell a story and ask questions.” @thinkdesignvis
  • “Showing your personality, I think that’s why livestreaming is so popular, readers interact w/ the person behind blog.” @moniekjames
  • “Don’t limit how generous you can be. Your audience will be the most loyal when you’re the most giving.” @Schmittastic

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Q4: Which 1-3 social media platforms are the best for promoting and supporting your blog, and why?

From Val:

  • At @ConvertKit we love Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. We’ve also experimented with Pinterest lately.
  • Where our readers are. Going where they naturally hang out is so much easier than trying to reel them in somewhere else.
  • We’ve used FB Live lately to drive engagement and it’s really paying off. Again: consistency is key!

From the community:

  • “Quora/Reddit and forums specific to your niche are untapped resources to build audience, try to engage there.” @funnelsavvy
  • “Twitter is such an incredible tool. It’s conversation, promotion and connection. Really brings everything full circle.” @Schmittastic
  • @Medium is an amazing place for editorial writing and linking to your own site. For promo FB / LinkedIn depending on content.” @timothymehlhorn
  • “The best place to promote your blog is where your readers are. Take the time to identify your target audience and get em.” @EliteYouTubePro
  • @Facebook gets a lot of quick hits because the post stays there on my timeline as one of few. It’s attractive for sharing.” @AKKerani

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Q5: How can you create multiple revenue streams for your blog?

From Val:

  • Teach what you know. Build out an email course. Or consider taking on 1×1 clients until you feel confident to build the course.
  • Emailing your list is the #1 way to increase revenue. Email converts $12 for every $1 social does.

From the community:

  • “Develop partnerships with brands to cross promote products or services.” @SearcySledge
  • “Display ads, affiliate links, sponsored content, product reviews, events attendance.” @monajarshall
  • “Education is a big trend right now, email list, exclusive monthly content, digital goods and printables.” @karalayne
  • “Think about genuine sponsorships with brands, honest affiliate marketing + related guest posts for other blogs.” @joeallam
  • “Always sign up for typical ad revenue programs, but keep in mind that building a brand is key for long-term success.” @kookypixel

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Q6: Do you have tips for creating a content strategy/plan?

From Val:

  • Consider your ideal customer’s journey. Take them on it with your content. Plan it out in advance and work ahead.
  • Working ahead means you never worry about what goes up that day. It’s all laid out and you can focus on other things.

From the community:

  • “Plot things out, do your research for your optimising opportunities & be strict with yourself – get it done in advance!” @TrafficJamSarah
  • “Write evergreen content. Publish, then reschedule social pushes on regular basis. @buffer excels at this.” @itstrulymkt
  • “Editorial calendar w/ Asana is tops. Know your themes; tags & categories. Consistency + persistence.” @JanetBrent
  • “Build your website and content FIRST. Once there’s a good chunk on there, then start marketing.” @laura_bauman
  • “Bonus #content #tip: Establish your voice; be personal. Who you are is the one thing others can’t duplicate.” @_SmartEDits

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Q7: If we challenged you to make $100 as a blogger today, what would you put into action now?

From Val:

  • An email course! Setting up a simple email course teaching what I know and then using email to sell it.
  • The key (with whatever I’d create) is to sell it first. MVP. Create enough to market it and then build it later.

From the community:

  • “Create an immediate sellable product/service from your best skill. Create a great landing page and go full out on marketing.” @Geomk
  • “Offer a paid webinar on blogging (or a topic related to 1 of my blogs).” @_KirstenT
  • “Set up some merch that is related to my blog’s main theme.” @TheWanderLyz
  • “Find a $1,000 answer to a $100 question (it’s a great bargain!).” @gettwofit

See all the great answers to question 7 here!

Thank you so much to Val for sharing all of her awesome insights, and to everyone who participated in this chat!

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Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Image sources: UnSplash

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