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Working Styles: A Bufferchat Recap

Apr 7, 2016 7 min readBufferchat

This week in #bufferchat, we explored our different working styles with our guest Bhavani Esapathi, the founder of The Invisible Labs! In the discussion, we talked about our ideal working schedules, when/where we’re most productive, and what the future of work could look like.

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Q1: What’s your usual working day or schedule look like?

From Bhavani:

  • My working life is structured based on my #chronicillness with #crohnsdisease – what are some of your motivations?
  • I’m currently on #bufferchat from my leather couch which I got hoping it wouldn’t sink me into comfort to help me keep hustling!
  • My days are all different, some are chaotic filled with meetings & traveling and others in solitude in front of my laptop.
  • But I am more curious to hear what’s the most consistent habit in your working day?

From the community:

  • “Morning is writing and content creation, afternoon is connection, evening is planning for tomorrow.” @kristlyuen
  • “Diapers, coffee, twitter, blogging, coffee, photoshop, emails, Elmo’s song, coffee. Not always in that order. #workathomeMom@rhizaoyos
  • “Start with coffee ritual. Triage new tasks. Combine w/ leftovers from prev day & re-prioritize. Pup walk. Guitar.” @dev_vine
  • “I work from 6:30-8:30 AM, volunteer for a few hours, & pick work back up in the afternoon/evening.” @CarrieKintz
  • “Up at 6, light breakfast, coffee, journal + affirmations, workout, desk at 8. AM: big tasks PM: lighter tasks. Finish at 5/6.” @LivingAbstracts

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Q2: When and where are you most productive? Does this align with how your company is structured?

From Bhavani:

  • I’m most productive in the mornings for hard work & evenings for ideas which will be executed the next morning.
  • Because I work at the comfort of my home the only thing I need to be mindful of are time zones.
  • A lot of people seem to do admin in the mornings & get into the real stuff later. Why?

From the community:

  • “When I’m surrounded by motivated people at work or anywhere others are ready to exceed the standard.” @iampete
  • “I’m most productive at home/outside. Working outside makes me the happiest! Unfortunately that is not the current structure.” @NatashaWest_
  • “Productivity increases when I switch between office, home office and starbucks – monotony kills it.” @abbraga
  • “11am-4pm. I like working in our open lunch area; feel distracted at my desk. This does NOT align w/my co. structure.” @Niki_Nadeen
  • “I churn out great work in the early hours while the world is quiet. I like to free up the rest of the day.” @ad_astra11

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Q3: If you could pick your specific work hours, how would you design your schedule?

From Bhavani:

  • I do pick my times & I design weeks instead of days so my week has half meetings & half solitude time.
  • Does anyone else design their weeks instead of just days?
  • I also have one day where I don’t open my Mac at all. Does anyone else have this?
  • I have a theory that writers prefer silent places like libraries & developers/coders thrive in coffee shop. Yay or nay?

From the community:

  • “Summer: start @ 7am & finish at 3pm to enjoy the sun. Winter: in at 9am and out whenever the work is done.” @ideakid88
  • “My perfect work hours would vary from day to day, so that’s a lofty dream haha.” @caseyd2
  • “If I could pick my work schedule, I’d do early like 6-2 or something. I’m an early riser.” @bellametaphor
  • “I would design my schedule around focused, relaxed, and self improvement periods. Breaking the up day is key.” @DeebMark
  • “I would get rid of the concept of “work hours” all together. Focus on completion of tasks & projects. Allows for flexibility.” @RCPatchett

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Q4: How do you balance work time and personal time?

From Bhavani:

  • I don’t think I distinguish between work/life, for me one fuels another. Do you find it unsettling to differentiate too?
  • Work/Personal and my thoughts.
  • Talking about work/life & time zones, does anyone else automate their emails? This has changed my life.
  • My biggest productivity tip while working has been keeping my Mac on ‘do not disturb’ mode, pays off in a HUGE way.

From the community:

  • “I’m a firm believer in doing what you love, so most of my work time is my break from the world. Though family time comes 1st.” @LauraUlrick
  • “I try to set designated hours during the day so I don’t spend endless amounts of time on work.” @easyjabreezy
  • “Remember that your mental health is as important as your physical health. Set aside time for yourself to regenerate.” @winniegiang
  • “By accepting that some days I just will need to rest, and building my flow/plans around that.” @Jess_Tupper
  • “It’s a challenge, and probably the thing I struggle with the most. With a completion-based mindset, it’s hard to relax.” @BasicBon

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Q5: How do you handle stress during your work day?

From Bhavani:

  • I know I’m stressed when I’m unable to come up with solutions, I just stop what I’m doing and go do something automatic.
  • By automatic I mean taking a walk, doing housework etc. when I can switch my mind off to do it’s magic.

From the community:

  • “When I’m stressed, I also avoid coffee, chocolate & stick to lots of herbal tea + veggies + garlic/ginger to stay strong :)” @KatLoughrey
  • “Another great way to get rid of stress is to take a break & go for a walk to refocus your thoughts positively.” @anthonydlarsen
  • “Mindfulness is key. Deep breathing, disconnecting, expressing gratitude & remembering stress = energy.” @TheRoyalTbomb
  • “By staying active. Less sitting and more moving. Even a walk around the office helps!” @Yermzus
  • “When I start to feel stressed or stuck I like to pick up my stuff and go work at another spot. That helps give me a new POV.” @sola_eclipses

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Q6: What advice would you give to someone who wants to create their ideal work environment?

From Bhavani:

  • To create your ideal work environment you first need to know what gets you going.
  • Lots of people idealise working on a laptop by the beach but don’t anticipate sunburn, noises etc. that go with it.
  • My ideal env is having the freedom to add elements of surprise in my weeks whenever I choose to which inspires my creativity.
  • Sometimes when I’m stressed I literally get out of the physical space I’m in, it really helps ?
  • Does anyone have their ideal work environment outlined yet?

From the community:

  • “Work remotely! It’s honestly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. You have the freedom to create your work environment!” @LollySpindler
  • “Make your workspace a happy place- so that it’s inviting to you and you look forward to being there.” @contentqueenmel
  • “During the interview be open about it. Make sure you are joining a company willing to work with you.” @kjaymiller
  • “Pay attention. don’t try to fit yourself into what you *think* is ideal, track where/when/how you do your best work.” @AlyssaKorinke
  • “Surround yourself with what makes you energized, motivated, comfortable. Eliminate distractions.” @carriemaslen

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Q7: If you could change one thing about the world of work right now, what would it be?

From Bhavani:

  • I’m rooting for remote working to be the norm for the future of work as well as task-based rather than hourly wages.
  • Is there a best & worst case scenario from current trends you see for the future of work?

From the community:

  • “Embrace a flexible, iterative, collaborative, open & transparent work culture infused with trust that truly puts people first.” @jacobhenenberg
  • “The idea of work itself, that it’s normal to hate your job- no one should hate what they do, be passionately in love with it.” @LauraUlrick
  • “Not being afraid of change and trying new things. Being open to other’s ideas & encouraging creativity.” @SivonDemi
  • “Americans need way more vacation time. I’m an American in England with 5 weeks off. What a difference.” @nicelyj2
  • “Encourage collaboration and teach people to be more supportive of one another.” @ExpWriters
  • “I’d like it to be less judgmental. People are dealing with so much outside of work – we should support one another.” @caseyd2
  • “A great improvement to the American work style: We could all be permitted to try diff roles in company to see what clicks.” @martinjason
  • “Flexibility is key. I think companies need to start rethinking the 9-5 grind and the 40+ hour workweek.” @AndrewMC_2
  • “Focus on employee happiness, require everyone to take at least one full week vacation per year, no checking email!” @RoxanaKate

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Thank you so much to Bhavani for sharing her awesome insights and to everyone who participated in this awesome chat!

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Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Image sources: UnSplash

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