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User-Generated Content: A Bufferchat Recap

May 12, 2016 6 min readBufferchat

This week in #bufferchat we were joined by Buffer’s very own social media manager, Brian Peters, to learn all about user-generated content! We discussed the various forms of UGC, how it can be valuable to a brand, why it’s so influential, and much more.

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Q1: What are some examples and/or types of user-generated content?

From Brian:

  • Two great examples of UGC right now are Instagram “features” where brands curate images from users…
  • And companies telling authentic stories about their users/audience on their website or blog like Crew & Square!
  • There’s also a ton of other options like reviews, check-ins, guest posting – you name it!
  • I’m hearing a lot of “create a brand hashtag” and I couldn’t agree more. Right on! ?

From the community:

  • “User reviews, photos and videos tagged with your brand, and fan art are a couple bits of UGC.” @EmeraldPacific
  • “What ISN’T ugc? Posts, articles, reviews, photos, questions, answers, random thoughts, memes, testimonials, etc.” @CMGRmelissa
  • “Basically it’s a great way to add a fresh element of content to your overall social media strategy! :)” @KatLoughrey
  • “Contributing to hashtags on Instagram is great because it’s mutually beneficial to the user and the hashtag creator.” @michemakeswords
  • “I mean, technically all content not created by the hosting platform (thus, by the user) is UGC…if we wanna get technical!” @MattMadeContent

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Q2: How might user-generated content provide value to your brand?

From Brian:

  • Love this! That’s one of the best things about it – Studies show that people trust UGC 50% more than other types of media.
  • UGC helps to build trust and relationships with users in authentic ways. Brands go from brand-generated content…
  • to content made by the exact people they are trying to reach. The user becomes a real part of a real story.

From the community:

  • “IMHO it feels more genuine, people are drawn to it because it seems more honest, not just the brand saying they are great.” @LauraUlrick
  • “UGC helps brands to understand the ‘outside-in’ perspective, helps in driving WOM & keeps its community engaged.” @anandan22
  • “It shows that your audience is an active and visible part of your brand.” @sola_eclipses
  • “You also build relationships with your customers outside of the buyer/seller transactional relationship. It’s personal.” @nicoleyoley159
  • “It can be a rich source of new #ideas and #innovation.” @DheepJoy

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Q3: What strategies can marketers use to encourage people to create and submit content?

From Brian:

  • This is always tough at first! I encourage you to be patient with user generated content campaigns as they take time…
  • to build real momentum. But creating an awesome hashtag or photo contest idea and pairing that with a giveaway…
  • is a great way to get started. People love to submit content and they love free stuff from brands they follow!

From the community:

  • “Use a consistent hashtag for #ugc and make it easy to remember. Engage when they send stuff, even if it’s just a thank you.” @MSLJim
  • “Advocate marketing is THE thing right now. Implement a gamification platform which includes challenges and rewards!” @winniegiang
  • “Give people a chance to gain exposure. Say that the best pieces of UGC will be featured in a blog or price draw.” @lifeofaworkgirl
  • “It’s gotta mean something to them – to be featured on their social, chance to win something, etc. also make it easy for them.” @M2Franz
  • “Simply ask! Put in CTAs in your post copy and images. Ask people to post photos, then reach out.” @TheMikeyDunn

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Q4: Have you ever shared your own content with a company or brand? What inspired you to do so?

From Brian:

  • Ahh yes! A few times as a matter of fact. @passionpassport does a lot of great stuff with UGC campaigns. They ran…
  • a recent one (#PPSkyline) that got me to submit a photo. I think great UGC campaigns are a mix of beautiful…
  • imagery plus a “fun” incentive. What can your brand showcase that’s beautiful and something others would want to share?
  • For example, at Buffer we showcase #BufferStories. Telling the authentic stories of the people who use our product.

From the community:

  • “Yes! bc I want to show my support when & where I can for brands I love, just like I’d love for others to do for me.” @ourmisadventure
  • “I’ve shared pictures and videos from concerts with artists, a lot of them love resharing UGC on social or in music videos!” @paige_sandhu
  • “Yes, photos! Why? Brand loyalty or a relationship w/ someone from the brand. It’s so much about the relationship!” @MeghanMonaghan1
  • “If the product/service/brand has been genuinely delightful, I am more than happy to shout it from the rooftops.” @ellie_hubble
  • “Everyone participating in #bufferchat is sharing content with a company/brand. I’m inspired by the chance to be involved.” @timothymehlhorn

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Q5: What are some ways to collect and manage the processes of UGC?

From Brian:

  • This one is tough as I am still trying to figure out the best way to keep track of all of our community participants.
  • I use a good ol’ Excel spreadsheet. But for finding potential UGC content for us to feature I use a mix of tools.
  • @iconosquare (for metrics + optimization) + @Crowdfire (for following) + @instagram (for hashtags and messaging).
  • Otherwise, it’s me reaching out to awesome people everyday asking if they “would like to be a part of the Buffer Story.”

From the community:

  • “There are some great tools like @Storify and @tagboard that allow you to curate UGC across platforms in one place.” @lifeofaworkgirl
  • “Use a specific hashtag & check it regularly. Or use a website submission form.” @lenkakopp
  • “Maintain a database of repeat users who interact with you. Let them know that they are important.” @ExplaraHub
  • “Get in the habit of storing, labelling and finding the UGC – then keep it as a constant resource.” @ksschout
  • “Maintain an open channel for communication & put processes in place to monitor & reward contributors.” @vivektweetsso

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Q6: Why do you think UGC is so influential?

From Brian:

  • I think people have become a bit weary of brand-generated content. Maybe it’s all of the social media advertising??
  • Or maybe it’s in our human nature to trust others over a company that they barely know. Audiences are savvy.
  • They can see right through what’s authentic and what’s not. People who are creating this content have no ulterior motive.
  • Whereas many forms of content they see do… Authenticity is why I think UGC is so influential and powerful! ?
  • Hehe you can tell I’m a bit passionate about user generated content with brands ?

From the community:

  • “It comes off as more genuine vs. something the brand itself created. People trust other’s recommendations > what brands say.” @The_ChrisBryant
  • “People value people. And if someone values you enough to spend their time contributing that says a ton.” @J_Rouser
  • “People trust their friends and social influencers more than brands when making purchasing decisions and seeking reviews.” @jessii_kay
  • “When unsolicited, UGC is heartfelt. Folks get the sense that your product/brand touched or helped someone.” @jchapstk
  • “Organic, proactive user-generated content shows how your product is really being used. No marketing spin.” @martinlieberman

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Q7: What companies do you believe are creatively incorporating UGC into their marketing? How so?

From Brian:

  • @birchbox runs a few really great giveaway + UGC content campaigns that drive thousands of comments with each post.
  • Every single on of @REI’s photos on their Instagram is UGC and they’re crushing it with amazing engagement.
  • UGC captures the essence of a brand and the companies that are doing it well are guiding people through a story.
  • I encourage you to devise a plan and then embark on an awesome #UGC journey! What do you want your brand’s story to be?

From the community:

  • ” Obsessed (actually beyond obsessed) with @serengetee. They nail #UCG with #WearTheWorld.” @laurablagys
  • “@Starbucks & @Doritos are GREAT examples of brands that utilize UGC! Here’s an article on great UGC!” @Knkusta
  • “GoPro are the obvious example, they are killing it with tapping into USG and incorporating into their strategy!” @KatLoughrey
  • “It’s an oldie, but Target’s campaign with people reading college acceptance letters always gets me!” @Bonnie_Hugs
  • “Sometimes, it’s more about starting a discussion, like @always#LikeAGirl + @bell‘s #BellLetsTalk campaigns.” @Wilde_Agency

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Thank you so much to Brian for sharing his awesome insights and to everyone who participated in this chat!

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Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Image sources: UnSplash

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