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Social Media Superlatives: A Bufferchat (2nd birthday!) Recap

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Arielle Tannenbaum
Arielle Tannenbaum Team Buffer
Social Media Superlatives: A Bufferchat (2nd birthday!) Recap

This week, we celebrated #bufferchat’s 2nd birthday! We are so grateful to still be going strong after two years, and to have an amazing community who keeps coming back to chat with us each week. In the chat, we had some fun and shared our top social media superlatives!

Catch our weekly Twitter chat, #bufferchat, at TWO times every Wednesday for valuable industry insights and networking with nearly 400 other smart marketers, social media experts and community managers. Same topic, same place, just at different times – feel free to join in to whichever chat time works best for you!

For our community in Asia and Australia (or anyone in other timezones that like this time the best!): 4 pm AEST (Sydney time, UTC+10)

For our community in North/South America, Europe and Africa (or others!): 9 am PT (California time)

Bufferchat Wednesday June 8th: Social Media Superlatives

This week’s stats:
1st Bufferchat: 101 participants; 499 tweets; reach of 224,070
2nd Bufferchat: 315 participants; 1,750 tweets; reach of 1,958,893

Q1: Most creative social media campaign you’ve seen?

From the community:

See all the great answers to question 1 here!

Q2: Coolest social/professional connection you’ve made on social media?

From the community:

  • @MeghanTelpner tweeted a job posting that I ended up working for 4+ years. Social media serendipity!” @maevecath
  • “Some of coolest connections I make are the genuine people I meet on #twitterchats – from all over the world.” @MSLJim
  • “Actually, I did make a bad pun to @WilliamShatner and he told me not to quit my day job. I did anyway.” @serinlan
  • “The quiet thrill when someone you respect (who is doing amazing things IRL) either RTs, Likes something of yours or follows.” @jgombita
  • “Too hard to pick just one! Met lots of people or brands that I would NEVER have met without social media!” @aumsome

See all the great answers to question 2 here!

Q3: Most eye-catching Instagram or Pinterest account?

From the community:

See all the great answers to question 3 here!

Q4: Favorite viral “thing” on the internet over the past 2 years?

From the community:

See all the great answers to question 4 here!

Q5: Best customer service experience you’ve had or seen on social media?

From the community:

  • “Hands down the kindest most generous customer care &service is from @chloeandisabel!” @lizeischen
  • “Someone on a flight was tweeting about being hungry, Morton’s Steakhouse met them at the airport w/ dinner.” @carey_casile
  • “I bought an @EatSmartScales scale solely based on fact they tried to help every negative review on Amazon as best they could.” @TheKyleMurray
  • “It may be the predictable answer, but @JetBlue has raised the bar for social media customer service.”  @Wilde_Agency
  • @buffer has been always top notch & @discover is really great too! They make you feel like more than just a cust!” @graphic_cash

See all the great answers to question 5 here!

Q6: Favorite social media engagement strategy?

From the community:

  • “Leverage your users for content. Caption contests, image submissions, ASKING QUESTIONS, etc. These get people engaged.” @mwilton13
  • “Love folks that livestream/tell stories from conferences for the rest of us that can’t attend.” @officerenegade
  • “Sharing fan content is also HUGE. Makes customers feel appreciated and is a pure form of testimonial.” @AshleyPerssico
  • “Transparency! Being available + open to communicate w/ followers, supporters. Keep it 2-way!” @Stultzmatt
  • “Participate in Twitter chats! You have to put yourself out there and make connections with new people.” @ExpWriters

See all the great answers to question 6 here!

Q7: Funniest GIF you’ve come across? ?

From the community:

Thank you so much to our community for having so much fun with us during this #bufferchat birthday celebration!

Catch #bufferchat each Wednesday at 9 am PST, 12 pm EST, 5 pm BST (GMT+1)  **OR** at 4 pm AEST (Sydney time, UTC+10). Join our Slack community with over 2,000 members to continue these awesome conversations all week long!

Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

Image sources: UnSplash

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