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Social Media for Customer Feedback: A Bufferchat Recap

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Arielle Tannenbaum
Arielle Tannenbaum Team Buffer
Social Media for Customer Feedback: A Bufferchat Recap

This week in #bufferchat, we explored using social media for customer feedback with Mandy Yoh of Review Trackers! In the discussion, we talked about why we share feedback with the products/services we use, the best ways to collect and utilize feedback, and strategies for responding to all kinds of feedback!

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Q1: How has social media impacted customer feedback experiences?

From Mandy:

  • “It has created a community that truly trusts our brand. One that feels confident in our ability to get them what they need.”

From the community:

  • “Social media created a bidirectional channel for customers, gave them a voice. Now brands can easily track feedback & listen.” @Typ0Queen
  • “Being able to get real-time feedback from our users is just amazing. If managed right, it can be really a powerful tool.” @Chris_Keller
  • “Social media allows customers to give you feedback 24/7 & it has definitely highered the expectations of good service.” @lifeofaworkgirl
  • “It lets us react much more quickly to bad customer experiences, sometimes turn things around before it’s too late.” @Lauchlin
  • “Social media has forced brands to rethink, be active and give more importance to customer feedback.” @manpreet1011

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Q2: What inspires you to share feedback about the products/services you use?

From Mandy:

  • “83% of shoppers look to #socialmedia & #reviews when making a purchasing decision, I trust my peers & they trust me”
  • “The idea that I can help co’s to understand and help define the better #CX they all desire for their customers”

From the community:

  • “Personal interactions inspire me. “Above + beyond” actions make me feel cared about.” @heidilauren
  • “If I like a company and am interested in seeing them succeed – I will send them feedback.” @ksschout
  • “When the company is open to it and wants to listen.” @rouxroamer
  • “I’m usually inspired to leave feedback when the service is either phenomenal or terrible. Pretty simple.” @christensen143
  • “I share things that provoke emotion. Am I so sad and want ppl to help? Am I laughing hysterically and want other people to?” @lafitara

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Q3: How can you encourage users to leave feedback?

From Mandy:

  • “Leaving feedback is an emotional experience, seek out a positive emotional connection with your audience”
  • “Include visual marketing CTA’s to leave feedback or #reviews w. links to your social channels or review site listing”

From the community:

  • “We have weekly questions that allow our customers to share. That feedback later turns into content/product ideas.” @cindymedran0
  • “Simple – Make it easy for them to do. People give feedback if it is a frictionless, quick, easy task. So many cos miss this.” @ideakid88
  • “Engage your community! Don’t just reply when there is a problem but be a part of their day to day life.” @danielleirogers
  • “Let the voice of the customer speak and show genuine appreciation for whatever they have to say. And: just ask!” @migsbassig
  • “Another way is to show you act on feedback. Customers love knowing they helped you change something.” @kymberlaine

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Q4: How do you use social channels to collect customer feedback?

From Mandy:

  • “We use it as an opportunity to create positive relationships.”
  • “We use #socialmedia as a communication propeller that encourages engagement & knowledge sharing”

From the community:

  • “Twitter polls have been fun to collect feedback. You can add some fun responses in there and get your audience to vote!” @winniegiang
  • “Social channels vary but I set up alerts on google or use listening tools like @Mention to make sure I’m listening intently.” @briansparker
  • “Local Facebook groups were used to create a community and provide platforms for sharing feedback.” @nikolaskohl
  • “Listen everywhere! Facebook posts, comments, tweets, private messages, DMs… you can learn a lot from your audience!” @TheMikeyDunn
  • “We use our communities for discussions, focus groups, and to provide feedback.”  @Toby_Metcalf

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Q5: How do you use feedback once you receive it from your customers/users?

From Mandy:

  • “Handle the feedback head on. Leaving feedback is an emotional experience, responding requires timeliness & finesse”
  • “We use #feedback to build positive relationships, it’s a chance to delight them again/reverse a negative experience”

From the community:

  • “We use it in any number of ways, but more importantly we always let the customer know how we’re following up.” @samigrady
  • “Take it back to the team, analyze it, see what you can do to solve or improve. always thank and always do something about it.” @laura_bauman
  • “I know I use this word during almost every #bufferchat, but if it’s an overwhelming opinion then you should adapt your strategy.” @NatashaWest_
  • “Feedback helps us tell our clients what resonates w/prospective audiences. To some extent, it should guide your hand.” @MarkonBrands
  • “This bit is crucial. If customers don’t see their feedback taken seriously – they won’t bother.” @RoselynXavier

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Q6: What are strategies for responding to negative customer feedback on social media?

From Mandy:

  • “Stray from indifference & personalize your response. Focus on each individual relationship.”
  • “Be confident in your delivery & provide relevant clarifications on the issues the customer is bringing forth.”
  • “Maintain the same priorities to show empathy – use words/phrases similar to the ones used in their feedback.”

From the community:

  • “Validating a persons feelings (“I see why that would be frustrating! Let’s see what I can do.”) can do wonders.” @michemakeswords
  • “Be empathetic, validate their experience, and help them find a fix sooner rather than later!” @OlyviaMedia
  • “Acknowledge, show appreciation. Discuss w/team and test. Customers = a priority. Show them that. & don’t rule out any ideas.” @sarahtaqvi
  • “Reply promptly, and make your reply clear and open. Your reaction towards negative comments is also a way to show you care.” @bybelleyu
  • “Immediately apologize, be confident in response that you CAN fix the problem. Speak like a person, not a company. ? @chelsierosatone

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Q7: Share your most enjoyable experience you’ve had when you shared feedback with a company!

From Mandy:

  • “Southwest is everything: Timely, put your priorities first, anticipate your needs & provide exceptional reactive”

From the community:

  • @buffer stickers definitely ? and when brands speak directly to me and offers me a smile, kind words or a special treats.” @ZalkaB
  • “I love when any company takes time to respond — @AlaskaAir is the best at this! They ❤️ all my wing pics!” @Thekneil
  • “I got free kettle corn for a year when I blogged about how delicious the vendor made it!” @migsbassig
  • “I reached out to an airline about a bad travel experience and got travel vouchers. Definitely a + outcome for me and family.” @AnnisaTangreen
  • “Happened to my cousin. Zappos found out my aunt had died and sent her flowers. No idea how.” @GreenStreetData

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Thank you so much to Mandy for sharing her awesome insights and to everyone who participated in this awesome chat!

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Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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