Weekly Product Update It’s sure been a big week! We’re doubling-down on performance, sunsetting our Free Plan, brought on a new team member, pushed a few new enhancements, and more!

This week has laid the groundwork for a lot more to come 🎉

Let’s dive into the details

All new this week

  • Sunsetting the Free Plan: Earlier this week we shared that we’ll no longer offering our Free plan. With more than 20,000 new accounts created to date it was simply unsustainable for us to continue it. Check out our blog post for the full details on this change and what it means for current Free Plan users 📝

  • Humber, our newest engineer, has joined the team: Alongside the Free Plan adjustment earlier this week, we also brought on a fifth member to the team, Humber! Previously rockin’ on Buffer’s Mobile Team, Humber will be focusing in on our performance and stability, working to make it snappier and more reliable than ever. Welcome Humber 🎊


  • Sorting now based on first unanswered Tweet: We’ve made some pretty dramatic changes to how conversations are sorting in your inbox while in high volume mode. Sorting is no longer based on the time of the last Tweet in a conversation but instead sorted by the first unanswered Tweet. This ensures follow up tweets or side conversations don’t affect a conversations order in your inbox.

  • ‘Load More’ banner adjustment: When in high volume mode, the ‘Load More’ banner no longer exists when sorting Oldest > Newest; Tweets instead load automatically at the bottom of your inbox as you scroll. When sorting Newest > Oldest however, the ‘Load More’ banner will now only release 10 Conversations at a time making it much more stable and manageable.

  • Follow-up and Archive: One of our primary goals for Buffer Reply is to build super smooth workflows for our users. A small example is our follow-up feature. The more our team has used it the more painful this 2-click step (set a conversation for Follow-up, and archive) was. So this week we’ve added a “Save and Archive” button to Follow-Ups. One less click 👌

  • Custom date range in Reporting: Previously there were just a few predefined date ranges you could choose from in Reporting. Now, we’ve added a new option to pull the exact dates you want. Curious how your team did the last 14 days? Boom. Simple. Just a small note here: date ranges are currently limited to one month of data. As we work to make reports faster we’ll be extending this date range very soon!

  • More focused notifications by default: We’ve been experimenting with a few different notifications settings enabled by default for new accounts. We’ve quickly learned that getting a notification for every tweet wasn’t too ideal for users causing countless emails to flood users inbox on day one. We’re now enabling a single daily email digest by default instead.

  • Assign sort order updated: We’ve made some improvements here to make this process even faster. You’ll now always be at the top of the list (for quick self-assigns) and team members will be then be sorted alphabetically to keep your hotkeys consistent.

Squashed Bugs

  • False inbox zero in ‘Me’ tab removed: There was a pesky bug causing the inbox zero image to show mistakenly in the ‘Me’ tab. It’s now changed to only show when IBZ’s reached 💁

In the works for the week ahead

  • Doubling down on performance: we have been and will continue to make a giant push on performance and stability. With our newest engineer, Humber, entirely dedicated to this effort, we’ll be making everything snappier, and more reliable throughout, from your inbox to settings🔧

  • Team meetup next week: The team will be gathering in New York next week to work side-by-side. With a full seven days together, we hope this’ll be a super productive week working to improve performance, ship new features, and even do a bit of team bonding 👯

  • Conversations 2.0: The recent performance troubles we’ve been experiencing have caused our work on the new conversations view to move slower than we’d have liked. We’re hoping to make some significant strides in the coming weeks to fully rework the conversation view in Buffer Reply to be better, faster, stronger 🚀

And that just about sums up our week here at Buffer. We would like to thank all of you for sticking with us through the troubles we’ve been experiencing these past few weeks. We couldn’t be here without you and are committed to improving each and every week!