With over 2400 lines of new code and 1200 removed, this has been our biggest week yet! New filtering, radical speed improvements, and more have made this a very happy Friday indeed; let’s dig into all the details 😊

All new this week

  • The new filtering features are live: We’re so excited to have the final touches on our new filtering features, aptly named Operation Power Sift v2, and it’s live today! With a polished, simplified interface, a unified inbox, and an all new ‘Sent’ view, we hope it makes your Buffer Reply experience that much more compelling. Login or sign-up today to take it for a spin!

Follow Up and Archive buttons moved


  • Feel the speed: Alongside the new filtering system are some pretty massive backend changes making navigation a whole lot faster. Now, switching between your Inbox, Assigned (Me tab) and Follow-up tabs are more than 100% quicker.
  • Search anywhere: We’ve made a significant update to Search this week allowing you to search quickly across all Buffer Reply from the same place. Quickly track down any conversations from the same location. We moved the Search button, too, with it now to the left of your filters.
  • Small screen, no problem: There’ve been a few pesky bugs plaguing users with smaller screen sizes. We’ve made some fixes to ensure things are working well, whether you’re on an 11" screen or a 27."
  • Follow-up and Archive buttons moved: As we work towards our new Conversations View, codenamed Better Conversations 2.0, these buttons are now to the left of the ‘Assign’ button above the composer.

Follow Up and Archive buttons moved

Bug Fixes

  • Last archived stays closed: IBZ should be a glorious moment, and these past few days there’s been a bug causing that to be not so great. Now, the last archived conversation stays closed showing IBZ and no conversation to the right. It’s certainly a moment to celebrate.

In the works for the week ahead

  • Tag everything: We’re working on an awesome new tagging system allowing you to tag conversations. That way you can easily separate those community conversations from support. Or maybe the happy customers from the ones that might need some extra love. Think about the possibilities!
  • Universal blocked text: Currently Blocked Text only works for Twitter search results. We’ll be upgrading this feature to support blocked text across @mentions and direct messages too! This should help you cut through the noise and focus on the most important conversations.

And that just about sums up our week here! To wrap things up this week, we’d love to take this opportunity to learn from you if you’re up for a question:

What is the primary reason you or your business uses Twitter?

Let us know on Twitter @GetRespond — We’ll be replying from Buffer!