Happy Friday! It’s been another fabulous week here at Buffer with focuses on email login to replace our existing Twitter sign-in, bug fixes, and a lot of work towards an all new conversation view in Buffer Reply. Let’s dive into the details!


  • Inbox conversation previews show up to 3 lines: Alongside the big design update last week we made the conversation list on the lefthand side show only one line of the conversation. We heard from many that this wasn’t too ideal of a change, and now show up to 3 lines for better conversation context when browsing your inbox.

  • Fix for cut-off DMs and longer tweets: There was a bit of a bug that also cropped up this week causing Direct Messages and longer Tweets to be cut-off short. We’ve since deployed a fix and this should be all patched up — so sorry for the confusion this caused!

In the works for the week ahead

  • Email sign-in: Since we launched earlier this year there’s been regular confusion around our sign-in flow through Twitter, and way in which you add Team Members by their Twitter handle. Heck, a lot of time we don’t know our whole team’s Twitter handles off the top of our heads. We’re now working on a new login process through email and password to replace the previous system.

  • Conversation View v2: Having designed and planned out the new conversation view in Buffer Reply back in New York last week, we’re now charging full steam ahead on a brand new conversation view. It’s due out soon so keep your eyes 👀 peeled!

Oh yeah, and last but certainly not least, this week we published a story on why customer care on social is taking off. Check it out here!

And that just about sums up our week here at Buffer! To all our US friends, have an incredible holiday weekend ahead — we’ll catch you next week 🚀