When we first shared the news, we mentioned we’d give you more details about what’s new in the coming weeks.

Well today is the day and we’re sharing with you some of the new things you can expect to see in Buffer Reply. We think you’re really gonna love em’.

And if you’re interested in trying it out before it launches (and haven’t already), you can request early access here.

So, what are some of the new things coming soon?

A unified inbox for Twitter and Facebook

unified inbox

One of the new features we’re most excited about is support for Facebook. You can now capture all of your Facebook messages (with wall post comments coming soon) bringing all of your social customer communication from Twitter and Facebook into one simple unified inbox.

And of course, you can continue to use the workflows you already love like assigning conversations to your teammates, adding tags to stay organized, and using notes to communicate with your team to quickly resolve customer issues.

Distraction free conversations

distraction free conversation view

One of the best things about Twitter and Facebook is also the hardest to manage – customers move at the speed of social. Fast moving conversations and quick replies can leave you feeling frantic.

To help, the all new conversation view has been designed to be simple and distraction free so you can really focus on each customer conversation and get through your queue in a zen-like manner 😉

No more hectic queues or erratically scrolling columns. Just a simple, focused conversation experience.

With rich customer profiles and easily accessible past conversations, we’ve made it a snap to get the context you need so you can reply quickly – with confidence.

We’ve even added new visual cues to make reading conversations even easier. You can now quickly differentiate customer replies vs agent replies and public conversations vs private ones.

Sweet sweet emojis 🙌

Slack-style quick key emojis

We know social is unlike any other communication channel. It’s fast paced, casual and at times fun too! While we’ve always supported GIFs, we now properly support emojis as well (all without an awkward three-finger hotkey 😉).

So what’s better than emojis?


Well, nothing except maybe super smooth Slack-style emojis that let you quickly add a dash of flavor by typing a colon (:) and a keyword. Don’t know the keyword for this rice hut looking thing 🍙? We’ve got a handy emoji picker with built in search too.

Yup, It’s now incredibly easy to add even more personality and warmth to your replies.

Stay organized with tags

Tags now available

Social isn’t just about support. Pre-sales questions, feature requests and even blog shares and praise are just some of the things you can expect to find in your social inbox.

But how do you stay organized and keep track of it all?

With tags you can now quickly categorize conversations by topic. Think feature requests, complaints, praise, product feedback and more. You can even facilitate unique workflows by tagging urgent conversations or escalating a conversation to say, Tier 2 support, all with a tag.

We’ve even added tags to our all new sidebar so that it’s easier than ever to quickly navigate to and view all conversations by tag, essentially creating a custom queue that you can work through.

Manage conversations in bulk

Manage conversations in bulk in

We’ve always embraced keyboard shortcuts for ⚡️ fast finger workflows. But sometimes it’s just not enough when you need to take action on a bunch of conversations quickly.

Now you can select multiple conversations at once and quickly assign, tag or even close them in one click.

It’s the little things, right?

Expanded keyboard shortcuts

Lastly, we’ve taken the keyboard shortcuts you’ve come to love and added even more to give your fingers extra superpowers including Gmail-eque folder hotkeys for quickly navigating to your team inbox, personal inbox, assigned folder and more.

Stay tuned for a full keyboard shortcut guide 😊 [Update]: you can see all shortcuts here.

Whew. That was a lot. 😅

And that’s just a few of the new things coming to Buffer Reply. The team is working incredibly hard to put the finishing touches on things and get it into your hands.

Anything pique your interest? Anything you want to learn more about? Let us know @GetRespond or shoot us an email at hello@respond.buffer.com.