This week our engineering team has been laying the foundation for our entirely redesigned conversation experience and support for our new tags feature. Yep, it’s going to be an awesome update!

Let’s dig into what we’ve knocked out this week, and where we’re headed next

The heart of Buffer Reply: Conversations

This week our engineers began laying the groundwork on our brand new conversation experience. The nitty gritty details – we’re moving this core component from Meteor’s Blaze to React.

[Insert gif of breaking sound barrier here]

For the non-technical 😊 this change is all about:

  • Pace: our team will be able to move much faster. Building new features and enhancements will be easier and quicker!
  • Speed: conversations with more than a few replies will load substantially faster. Booyah!
  • Stability: simplifying the underlying architecture for this major component means increased stability and less chance for future bugs!

We’ll be rolling out these changes to our conversation view in stages. First up will be this migration to React. Next we’ll progressively roll out new features, a brand new design and further enhancements.

Snappier, more complete reporting

While we’ve always offered a reporting dashboard, it can often be quite slow. Furthermore support for exporting this dashboard data hasn’t always been great. In fact, some reports have never had export support or only allowed for very short date-ranges to be exported.

That’s why this week our team began to dig in and brainstorm some solutions. The goal is more complete coverage for data exports, faster loading dashboards, and even improvements to metrics we’re showing you so that you and your team can take action on trends.

More details coming soon 🙂

Hello, Tagging

Tagging has been a highly requested Feature from users. Whether it’s wanting to tag a Tweet for your team to send swag, keep track of pesky bugs, or even flag a Tweet as a positive or negative experience, the possibilities are endless.


Early work in progress of new tags feature

Some of the awesome things we’ll be supporting with the initial launch of our tags feature:

  • Tag Tweets right from your conversation
  • Easily search for all conversations with a specific tag
  • Support for custom named tags and colors
  • Easily see who’s added a tag and when
  • Support for multiple tags per Tweet

We can’t wait to see how you use Tags!

Bug Fixes

  • "Other Conversation" button overlap: A bug that cropped up recently was that the button in conversations to navigate to previous interactions was getting cut off a bit. We’ve deployed a quick fix so that this is no longer overlapping. Thanks so much to those who reported this to us!
  • Reporting dates were only working for a 30-day period: Reports is restricted at one month of data at a time, and we had a slight glitch causing it not to work when 31-days is picked in Reporting. We’ve pushed an update so you can now pull a full month’s worth of data whether it’s a month with 29 days, or 31.

And that just about sums up our week here! Have any questions, ideas, or feedback for us (at all)? Let us know @GetRespond — we’ll be replying from Respond!