With Buffer Reply, we’re moving fast; really fast. In fact, this week alone we were able to push over 50 improvements, from bug fixes to feature enhancements, to entirely new features altogether. That comes out to more than 1000 lines of new code (we also cleared out nearly 500!). Wowza!

At Buffer, one of our core values is Transparency, and we’ve not done the best job embracing it as we’ve been moving with this new product. Today we’d love to introduce Weekly Product Updates. Brought to you each Friday, we hope to make our development process more transparent with highlights from the week to keep you in the loop.

All new this week

  • Follow Up Tab: There is now a new Follow Up tab on the lefthand side making it easy to quickly check on outstanding follow ups.
  • Tweet Us: Ever have a question for us, idea, or just want to say hi? You can now tweet at us right from Buffer Reply with a new Tweet at us button in the support dropdown.
  • Archive: We’ve replaced the All tab with an Archive tab which now shows archived conversations with the most recent archived first.
  • Recently Archived in Inbox: By popular request, we’ve brought back a Respondly feature which keeps recent archives visible for a few seconds before fully falling into your Archive. That way if you might’ve tapped archive too quick, you can quickly pop back to the conversation.


  • View in Twitter added to Slack Integration: With our Slack Integration we’ll now show both an option to view the conversation in Buffer Reply as well as on Twitter.com.
  • Fresh new sidebar: The lefthand sidebar has a new, shiny coat of paint! We’ve changed the labels to show on hover, updated spacing and given it an overall tidy up.
  • Draft anywhere: When switching between conversations we’ll save any unsent messages you’re typing so you can easily pick up right where you left off.
  • Speed Boost: Replying and Archiving is now 100% faster thanks to some backend wizardry.

In the works for the week ahead

  • Speed: We’ve got a big focus on speed and hope to be able to continually work towards making it snappier from top to bottom.
  • Know who follows you: There were a few hiccups with a recent Follows You indicator we implemented and we’re working to make that perform a lot smoother.
  • Assign Improvements: Currently the Assign dropdown is a bit hard to use when you’ve got a bunch of Team Members. We’re hoping to make this an easier process all around.

And that about summarizes our week here at Buffer! We’d love to end each Update with a question — we absolutely love learning from you all:

What do you call support inbox items (threads, tickets, conversations, etc.) and why? Tweet us and let us know 😀


Your Team from left: Daniel, Patrik, Boris, Ivana, Tyler

Thanks so much for reading, and taking this journey with us; Without all of you, this wouldn’t be possible!

Your Team,
Ivana, Boris, Patrik, Tyler and Daniel

P.S. Its your feedback and ideas that really help us lay out the roadmap. If you have any ideas for new features, questions on existing ones, or just want to say hello, please don’t hesitate to reach out at @getrespond or hello@respond.buffer.com!