How to Build Your Website Traffic with Evergreen Content and Social Media

Join Brian Peters of Buffer and Tim Soulo of Ahrefs in an exclusive new webinar on building website traffic with evergreen content and social media.

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Building your website traffic in 2018 is no easy task. Today, businesses are faced with an ever-increasing amount of online content as well as ongoing changes from search engines such as Google. Only a few companies can afford to support large content marketing teams and publish new content regularly. But, if you're in a competitive industry that is dominated by big established sites, not all is lost. You can still get tons of traffic with a resourceful content marketing strategy that revolves around producing quality "evergreen" pieces of content, rather than churning out new posts every week.

In this 45-minute session, we’re diving into the nuts and bolts of a what a successful content marketing strategy looks like for businesses today. We’ll talk about creating topics with solid search demand, the importance of updating and re-launching articles, amplifying your content with video, social media advertising, and lots more!

Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo is the head of marketing and product strategy at Ahrefs, which is deemed one of industry's leading SEO tools, powered by big data. With 7 years of practical experience in SEO and digital marketing, Tim eagerly shares his knowledge by publishing data-driven research studies and detailed SEO guides at Ahrefs Blog. He also runs a successful YouTube channel for Ahrefs, which recently surpassed 1 million views.

Brian Peters

Brian Peters is the Strategic Partnerships Manager at Buffer where he’s responsible for planning and executing on cutting edge digital marketing and partnership strategies with select brands around the world. In just one year, Brian increased Buffer’s social media reach and engagement by more than 300% across multiple channels and has driven more than 3,000,000 video views on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.