Buffer COVID-19 response

Buffer's COVID-19 Response

Here to help.

Running a business takes drive, determination, and grit – especially so in trying times. Things may feel particularly challenging right now. We believe in the power of small businesses to make positive change in the world and in people's lives. We want to partner with you to make it through.

Read on to learn about how we're striving to support customers during these turbulent times.

COVID-19 Customer
Assistance Program

If you are a business in a critical industry, if you are performing essential services to support your community, or if you have been adversely affected by COVID-19, we want to help. Get in touch with us below to share your story. We'll connect you directly to a Buffer Customer Advocate who will listen and provide support.

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How we're helping

The following are ways we have helped customers to date and will continue to help in the coming months. We have designated $500,000 toward efforts to relieve the impact on our customers and to empower essential businesses. See the details below.

Gifting essential product features

Whatever your business needs right now, we want to support you. Buffer's product solves a variety of social media jobs, and if you need extra features for the unique jobs you have today, we will upgrade you to any of our plans, free for the next three months.

Extended 90 day trials for new customers

For those who need social media tools urgently, you can start with Buffer today and make the most of all features commitment-free for the next 90 days.

Waiving upcoming payments

With budget considerations top of mind, any relief can help. We have options for gift subscriptions for businesses who have seen significant impact from COVID-19.

Pause your Buffer subscription

Take the time you need for your most pressing business costs. We’re offering paused subscriptions for anyone in need. Your Buffer posts and settings stay secure until you return.

Resources for turbulent times

Social media management in a crisis

Social media management in challenging times

Learn how other small businesses and brands are navigating social media strategy during this uncertain season.

Tips for remote-work teams

Buffer's top WFH tips for newly-remote businesses

We have been a fully remote team for the past nine years and have written about many of our learnings. Get our complete collection of resources.

Learn new social media strategies to get you through

Changing times call for changing strategies. If you have found new ways to reach your audience and spread your message — of if you’re looking for inspiration — we have a full library of social media marketing articles to help you learn.