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Social Strategies To Try Today: A Bufferchat Recap

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Nicole Miller
Nicole Miller Director of People @ Buffer
Social Strategies To Try Today: A Bufferchat Recap

Our own Kevan Lee stopped by #bufferchat to share his most actionable social tips that you can apply to your social strategy today.

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Where do you look to find new strategies to test and try on social media? How do you improve?

From Kevan:

From the community:

  • “Participating in #socialmedia Twitter chats & following others that are recognized experts is great for tips to improve.” @mbti_estj
  • “I look to the companies I admire to see how they engaged me. It’s a matter of identifying the simplicity in large campaigns.” @julesalachig
  • “We work together as a team to draw insights from different areas, read books, and read blogs!” @freshform

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What is the best new tip or strategy you’ve tried on Twitter?

From Kevan:

  • “Pinned tweets (esp. pinned Twitter Cards) are a really amazing ones.”
  • “Have really enjoyed seeing unicode emoticons, too: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Those seem to really stand out in the timeline!”

From the community:

  • “Including gifs, images or emojis as part of our tweets has increased impressions.” @Sales_prodigy
  • “I really felt my enjoyment of Twitter skyrocket after jumping into Twitter chats ? Plus I met some amazing people!” @rossparmly
  • “I make it a goal to reach out to 5-10 followers a day and engage with them on their content.” @thekylemurray

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What is the best new tip or strategy you’ve tried on Facebook?

From Kevan:

  • “Have seen some amazing results with questions on FB – Which, Would, Who, in particular”
  • “I’m a big fan of posting at non-peak times (nights/wknds), I know others love posting when traffic is high (weekdays)!”

From the community:

  • “An image on EVERY post and making sure the content is of the highest quality.” @Storecoach
  • “Increase your FB reach by making an introductory video. Introduce your company & employees—make it human. It’ll be noticed!” @margotcodes
  • “We have been experimenting with paying to boost some of our posts. We have seen the traffic of the entire go up.” @davidjchie

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What strategy/tip/workflow you do every day that saves you time?

From Kevan:

From the community:

  • “Write when you first wake up to jolt the brain. Don’t check email until after you’ve written a blog post. Use @IFTTT recipes” @QuietlyApp
  • “Content calendars! Once you have content scheduled out, you can listen and interact more. ” @uzumedia
  • “I use trello to keep my tasks prioritized. I also have set days for set projects. Mon 4 writing blogs, tues 4 guest posts” @EliteYouTubePro

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What do you wish you could do faster/better online?

From Kevan:

  • “So inspired by the speed and thoroughness of how people respond to tweets/messages. Would love to improve there!”
  • “Outreach & post promotion is something I’d love to explore more. Would love any advice or input!”

From the community:

  • “Would love to experiment with more buyable content, such as @instagram ecommerce integrations and @pinterest buyable pins” @weintraubL
  • “Quickly analyze my hashtags! There’s so many services out there, but I can’t find my favorite yet!” @NatashaWest_
  • “Know what my audience really needs. I want to produce content that resonates with them. Not add to the noise” @lifeofaworkgirl

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What is a strategy you’ve yet to try that you think would be amazing?

From Kevan:

  • “Really excited to create my own GIFs. ? There’re some awesome tools out there!”
  • “Also excited to experiment with post frequency. e.g., do I get more followers if I post more often?”

From the community:

  • “Video. I’ve got all the tools I need to create videos, my issue is finding the time to dedicate to the medium” @amandasabroad
  • @Blab and @Periscope are things I want to explore more! Live streaming seems to be the next evolutionary step for social.” @Josewats
  • “Instagram campaign: Crowd-sourcing our members conference photos to be live on the website to showcase our awesomeness” @hidama

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What tools do you use every single day to help with your social media marketing?

From Kevan:

  • “Lots of great favorites: Buffer, Pocket, Nuzzel, Feedly, Pablo
  • “Canva for pretty images, BuzzSumo for cool data”
  • “My daily tools are Buffer and Pocket – so great for finding stuff to share and scheduling those shares for the best times!”

From the community:

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Thank you so much for everyone who joined in on this great chat!

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Do you have any comments or answers to these questions? Leave your thoughts in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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