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Transparency is one of our core values. We’ve found that it builds trust, holds us accountable, and can push our industry forward. Since 2013, we’ve shared our formula-based approach to compensation, including the complete list of our salaries.

We’ve found that salary transparency can help others, which is central to our mission: to help small businesses get off the ground and grow.

View up-to-date salaries of everyone at Buffer in this table. Read on for our approach and philosophy.

Buffer Salaries

Teammate avatar imageJoel
CEOCEOBoulder, CO, USA$298,958
Teammate avatar imageCaro
People ExecChief of StaffPortland, OR, USA$239,442
Teammate avatar imageMaria
Product ExecCPODenver, CO, USA$304,929
Teammate avatar imageÅsa
Advocacy ExecVP Customer AdvocacySydney, Australia$235,103
Teammate avatar imageJenna
Admin & PeopleEA & People Ops SpecialistGrand Rapids, MI, USA$109,934
Teammate avatar imageJenny
FinanceFinanceLouisville, KY, USA$220,470
Teammate avatar imageKyle
FinanceAccountantJacksonville, FL, USA$132,433
Teammate avatar imageMike E
MarketingProduct Marketing ManagerSydney, Australia$151,286
Teammate avatar imageHailley
MarketingContent & Communications ManagerNashville, TN, USA$172,861
Teammate avatar imageSophie
MarketingGrowth Marketing ManagerNomad$128,498
Teammate avatar imageAdnan
EngineeringSoftware EngineerGlobal Cost of Living $157,827
Teammate avatar imageAndy
EngineeringMobile EngineerSan Francisco, CA, USA$214,198
Teammate avatar imageEric
EngineeringPlatform EngineerTaipei, Taiwan$167,508
Teammate avatar imageHamish
EngineeringSoftware EngineerVancouver, Canada$154,331
Teammate avatar imageJoe
EngineeringMobile EngineerBrighton, UK$171,964
Teammate avatar imageJosé
EngineeringSoftware EngineerMadrid, Spain$164,749
Teammate avatar imageMike S
EngineeringEngineering, Platform & TechnologyBarcelona, Spain$219,508
Teammate avatar imagePhil
EngineeringSoftware EngineerMontpellier, France$193,779
Teammate avatar imageSteven
EngineeringPlatform EngineerTaipei, Taiwan$185,548
Teammate avatar imageEduardo
EngineeringSoftware EngineerAlicante, Spain$154,331
Teammate avatar imageMaya
EngineeringSoftware EngineerBarcelona, Spain$154,331
Teammate avatar imageDinos
EngineeringSoftware EngineerGorredijk, Netherlands$154,331
Teammate avatar imageDianne
EngineeringEngineering, ManagementZurich, Switzerland$216,378
Teammate avatar imageDace
EngineeringSoftware EngineerNew York, NY, USA$146,654
Teammate avatar imageMick
EngineeringSoftware EngineerWexford, Ireland$141,988
Teammate avatar imageCarlos
EngineeringSoftware EngineerMadrid, Spain$154,331
Teammate avatar imagePeter
EngineeringPlatform EngineerGlobal Cost of Living $157,548
Teammate avatar imageArek
EngineeringSoftware EngineerWarsaw, Poland$164,088
Teammate avatar imageMw
EngineeringSoftware EngineerCape Town, South Africa$138,324
Teammate avatar imageDaisy
EngineeringSoftware EngineerSydney, Australia$131,988
Teammate avatar imageDiego
ProductProduct ManagerBarcelona, Spain$176,220
Teammate avatar imageAmanda
ProductProduct ManagerAmsterdam, Netherlands$197,366
Teammate avatar imageSofia
DesignProduct DesignerBarcelona, Spain$155,460
Teammate avatar imageIsmail
DesignProduct DesignerCasablanca, Morocco$131,051
Teammate avatar imageJulian
DataData ScientistLouisville, KY, USA$179,780
Teammate avatar imageAdam
AdvocacyEscalations ManagerWesley Chapel, FL, USA$146,224
Teammate avatar imageDaniel S
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateBonners Ferry, ID, USA$92,043
Teammate avatar imageDanny
AdvocacyTechnical AdvocateManchester, UK$132,724
Teammate avatar imageDarcy
AdvocacyCustomer Advocate ManagerDenver, CO, USA$124,734
Teammate avatar imageDave C
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateLondon, UK$120,330
Teammate avatar imageHannah
AdvocacyCustomer Advocacy OperationsBrighton, UK$168,928
Teammate avatar imageJess
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateKalispell, MT, USA$76,703
Teammate avatar imageJulia
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateLos Angeles, CA, USA$123,634
Teammate avatar imageJuliet
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateLondon, UK$128,634
Teammate avatar imageKarinna
AdvocacyTechnical AdvocateTustin, CA, USA$112,390
Teammate avatar imageKelly
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocatePhiladelphia, PA, USA$116,770
Teammate avatar imageNate
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocatePortland, OR, USA$102,270
Teammate avatar imageOcta
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateNomad$112,270
Teammate avatar imageRoss
AdvocacyCustomer Advocate ManagerLouisville, KY, USA$123,520
Teammate avatar imageMel
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateBandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam$92,043
Teammate avatar imageCheryl
AdvocacyTechnical AdvocateGlobal Cost of Living $83,828
Teammate avatar imageLexi
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateBrooklyn, NY, USA$94,695
Teammate avatar imageBen
AdvocacyCustomer AdvocateNakhon Ratchasima, Thailand$85,225
Teammate avatar imageSimon
MarketingGrowth MarketingOttawa, Canada$200,223
Teammate avatar imageTami
MarketingContent WriterLagos, Nigeria$114,672
Teammate avatar imageMartin
DesignDesign ManagerBerkeley, CA, USA$204,295
Teammate avatar imageMitra
MarketingSocial Media ManagerNew Braunfels, TX, USA$100,413
Teammate avatar imageAbeeb
EngineeringSoftware EngineerLagos, Nigeria$131,988
Teammate avatar imageJacob
EngineeringSoftware EngineerNashville, TN, USA$147,827
Teammate avatar imageEsther
EngineeringSoftware EngineerMadrid, Spain$131,988
Teammate avatar imageDaniel P
DesignProduct DesignerValletta, Malta$140,054
Teammate avatar imageNathan
ProductProduct ManagerLehi, UT, USA$168,732
Teammate avatar imageBrandon
ProductProduct ManagerWorcester, MA$197,366
Teammate avatar imageKate
DesignMarketing UX DesignerVictoria, Canada$113,254
Teammate avatar imageRaf
EngineeringEngineering ManagerPoznan, Poland$171,964
Teammate avatar imageKateryna
EngineeringEngineering ManagerTallinn, Estonia$171,964
Teammate avatar imageKirsti
MarketingContent WriterCape Town, South Africa$132,782
Teammate avatar imageAlicja
DesignProduct DesignerBarcelona, Spain$146,216
Teammate avatar imageMartín
EngineeringSoftware EngineerBarcelona, Spain$147,827
Teammate avatar imageDavid
EngineeringDesign EngineerBend, OR, USA$154,331
Teammate avatar imageJakub
EngineeringSoftware EngineerPoznan, Poland$147,827
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Open roles

Salary formula

Salary formula illustration
Salary formula step 1

We apply our Buffer Benchmark

This is a custom percentile for each area at Buffer applied to level 5 market data.

Role examples:

Customer Advocate III, $106,912

Product Marketer, $108,838

Salary formula step 2

Apply cost of living based on your location

These take into account being a global team, while closing the gap found in traditional compensation approaches.

Cost of living bands:

Global (90%) and High (100%)

Salary formula step 3

Determine a formula-based salary

We calculate salaries taking into account being a global team and closing the gap found in traditional pay practices.

Salary example:

A Product Marketer in an Intermediate cost of living band would earn $97,954.

Our compensation philosophy

We’re committed to providing fair and competitive compensation through these key principles:


Openly share our approach and all salaries to create trust, hold ourselves accountable, and serve as a resource for the industry.


Maintain an easy-to-understand formula that allows anyone to easily see how we arrive at any individual salary.


Ensure that those with the same role and responsibilities who are at the same experience level are paid equitably.


Pay above market to attract the team we need, thrive as individuals, and avoid exceptions and inequity resulting from negotiation.

Transparent Salaries Timeline


Moved down to just two cost-of-living bands.


Clarified our overall compensation principles and launched our Salaries page.


We decided to benchmark all roles to the San Francisco 50th percentile.


We added cost of living bands to our formula for more consistency.


Adjusted our salary formula to be more robust and launched our salary calculator


We created our first salary formula using our own salary bases.

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