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Twylah and Buffer Partner To Give Your Tweets Exponential Exposure

May 15, 2012 4 min readBuffer News

Here at Buffer, we are looking for the best and most awesome new ways for you to share on your social networks.

Today, I’m very excited to have a powerful new integration ready for you. Twylah is a service that creates beautiful custom brand pages for your Tweets.

And as of this week, you can Buffer Tweets through their most powerful feature: Power Tweets.

Before we spill all the amazing stats that using Twylah and Buffer together will help you achieve, let’s take a quick tour of what Twylah allows you to do.

What is Twylah?

Twylah, in short is service, that makes your Tweets shine. If you sign up for their service, each of your Tweets that you send from now on, will be indexed and displayed on a beautiful brand page for your Tweets.

Here is an example of how this looks like:

This means, if you put your Twylah page as your Twitter profile link for example, visitors will get a much better overview about what your Tweets are all about. Instead of monotonous stream, that might only reach back a few hours, they will get a holistic overview about your Twitter presence.

Now on top of this, Twylah also gives each of your Tweets a designated page. This doesn’t only look amazing, it is also very useful. All around your Tweet, there are a ton of other interesting postings you have made, which relate to it.

How to give your Tweets exponential exposure

Now, purely by having all this related content on your Twylah page, Tweets you posted weeks or months ago, might become relevant again. They can gain traction and tend to have a much longer shelf-life than if they just circulate on Twitter.

The key to post your Tweets in that way is an amazing feature Twylah has built in. It is called a Power Tweet.

Your Tweet gets the look and feel of a small blogpost you have published:

How Power Tweets increase your Twitter engagement

Eric Kim, founder of Twylah, conducted some very interesting research with all Power Tweets, that are posted. The one thing he found is this:

“Power Tweet pages, by themselves increase engagement (as defined by time spent with your content) by 40X.”

Eric explained to me, that this is mostly triggered by the short snippets of text, surrounded by lots of other relevant content right on the Power Tweet page.

This means, that normally, people tend to spend 30 seconds with a piece of content, whereas if clicking on a Power Tweet, they tend to spend 3-5 minutes engaging with it. That’s powerful!

How Buffering increases your Tweets engagement

At the same time, here at Buffer, we analyzed well over 1 million updates posted through the service. We sat down and asked a similar question to Eric, do people click more or less often on Buffered Tweets? The results we published in our research were this:

“On average, people who start to use Buffer, see a 200% increase in clicks on links, retweet rate doubles and Klout scores increased 3.5 points. The data refers to using Buffer daily for at least 2 weeks.”

The main reasons for this we found were that Buffer posts your Tweets at optimal timing and makes creating consistent posting pattern more hassle-free.

All you have to do is Buffer interesting stuff, which of course, takes some doing, nonetheless can be done in a very timesaving way.

And now all together: Buffer Your Twylah Power Tweets

Buffer is now directly integrated into Twylah, which naturally combines the two above results. All you have to do is click the Buffer button, whenever you write a new Power Tweet from now on:

Being able to Buffer your Power Tweets, should give you a leading edge on Twitter and make your Tweets a lot more powerful.

Or to use Pam’s words, go and add some awesome-sauce to your Tweets:


You can give the new integration a go here. If you don’t have a Twylah account yet, just click the below button and you will get special treatment when signing up, getting your Twylah page in no time:

What do you think of Buffer and Twylah now being connected? Do you think this could help with your Tweeting? Let me know your thoughts below:

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