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Get in-depth insights to grow your brand on social media

Measure social media performance, create gorgeous reports, and get recommendations to grow reach, engagement & sales.

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One dashboard for your
social media analytics and reporting

Track performance and create reports for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter — all from one intuitive analytics dashboard.


Measure & analyze the performance of your content

Get a broad understanding of your performance across multiple accounts, and in-depth insights into specific social channels.


Aggregate metrics

See your performance across your channels

Account analytics

Track key engagement metrics for each social account

Stories & post analytics

Measure stories, individual posts, and hashtags

Audience demographics

Know whether you're reaching the right audience

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Create and share beautiful reports

Build fully customized reports, and easily export them — to share them with your team, manager, and stakeholders.

Custom reports

Add metrics and charts from multiple social accounts.

Daily updates

Set your reports up once, and they'll be updated daily

Export as PDF or image

Download reports as PDFs and charts as images

White label reports

Add your own logo, title, and description for each report

"Analyze helps us work smarter, not harder. We get insight into what is working on social."

Ben Terry,
Director of Marketing

Learn more about our full
stack of brand building tools

We’ve built a full stack of social media tools to help modern brands grow their awareness, engagement, and sales.


Get answers to your biggest questions

Analyze studies your data and tells you when, what, and how often to post to maximize your results. For your Instagram profiles, your best time to post is predicted using your followers' activity and your previous posts.


Best time to post

See the times that will earn your Instagram posts the highest reach

Best type of post

Find out whether videos, pictures, text, or link posts perform best for you

Best posting frequency

Determine how often you should be posting to drive the most engagement

Start using Analyze to grow your reach, engagement, and sales

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