Tailored Posts

Craft the perfect update for every social platform in one seamless experience

With Tailored Posts you can craft the perfect, custom update for each social platform when sharing any article via the Buffer extension

Get started with Tailored Posts

Customize your posts for each social network

Create unique and authentic messages for each social network. With Tailored Posts, it’s easy to change your message between profiles for any given post.

Share your posts to multiple social accounts at once

Save time by sharing your posts to multiple social accounts - all in one place and all in one go. No more switching back and forth between platforms.

Craft a unique message to suit your audience

With Tailored Posts, you can use custom text, images and video that you know will work with your audience on each network.

Custom-tailor your copy

Quickly customize the message and length of your posts, all in one place.

Share unique images & video

Use unique images and videos with appropriate sizes on each social platform.

Save time and drive engagement with Tailored Posts

Customize your posts for each social network, share your content to multiple profiles at once, and get your voice heard on social media!

Frequently asked questions

When is this coming to desktop and mobile?

At the moment, the new multiple composer is only available within the Buffer Browser Extension. We're working hard to bring this to both the web dashboard and mobile apps in the coming months. Stay tuned! 😊

How is this different from the previous version of the extension?

The previous version of the extension allowed you to share the same update to all networks all at once. If you wanted to write a custom message, you’d need to open the extension multiple times. We now allow for custom messages for each network all in one go!

Is Tailored Posts free for all Buffer customers?

Yes! Tailored Posts is available for all Buffer customers, free and paid, no matter the plan. You can experience Tailored Posts today by opening the Buffer browser extension on any page.