The Buffer API

As of October 14th, 2019, Buffer no longer supports the registration of new developer applications. Applications created prior to this date will retain access to the Buffer Publish API. Please visit our Changelog page for more details.

The Buffer API provides access to user's pending and sent updates, social media profiles, scheduled times and more.

Sorry, Buffer no longer supports the registration of new developer apps.


All currently available endpoints are listed in this documentation. If you have ideas for further things you would like to see in the Buffer API, please contact - we might build them!

But be sure to set the HTTP Content-Type header to "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" for your requests if you are writing your own client.

Rate Limits

The Buffer API is rate limited to 60 authenticated requests per user per minute. If you make more than 60 requests within a 60 seconds window period, you will receive a HTTP code 429 response.

If you have a need for a higher rate limit, please get in touch so that we can try and help out.

Response Formats

All requests to the Buffer API must end with the desired response format. Currently the only available response format is JSON and responses are of type application/json.

For well formatted JSON output, add &pretty=true to any request. Very useful for testing in the browser!

Example Request


Questions & Problems

If you have any issues using the Buffer API you can contact us by emailing or give us a shout over on twitter @buffer - we'll get back to you fast!