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We built Buffer initially to solve our own problems. We quickly realised that others might find it useful too, and we've tried our best to make it a simple, no-hassle and fun experience.

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Now @bufferapp has LinkedIn integration! If you don't use @bufferapp, you should!

Sched.org via Twitter

@bufferapp, have I told you that you're awesome today? Well, you are. Love, Stace.

Stacey Acevero via Twitter

Now that was fast... I just said, yesterday, I wanted @bufferapp to work with LinkedIn and poof! it works.. Thanks!

Michael Lehman via Twitter

Testing @bufferapp this week. If all works well I don't mind upgrading. So far it looks like a tool I was looking for. http://t.co/iqpR6ESa

skruk via Twitter

We love @bufferapp because of all the goodies they have

strategic revolution via Twitter

Wishing more people i follow would use @bufferapp. Fed up of being bombarded with multiple tweets at once. Spread the love ppl!

Kathryn Hellewell via Twitter

I love @bufferapp!

Tineke Bright via Twitter

Finally checking out @bufferapp too. A very sensible idea to prevent clogging your timeline with Tweets. http://t.co/WomOW0M0

Pete Roome via Twitter

Hopefully I'm still sleeping when @bufferapp sends this tweet for me. Go follow them & use their app! It's awesome! :)

Jess Escobar via Twitter

@ifttt plus @bufferapp makes me feel like the boss of the internet. #socialmediaownage

Andrew Todd via Twitter

With @Tweetings and @BufferApp I can keep tweeting even if I'm asleep or in jail. Kind of like Law Abiding Citizen but less bloody.

Lee Mifsud via Twitter

@bufferapp for #Twitter, my new #BFF.

Lauren Fromin via Twitter

@bufferapp I LOVE the thank u button the analytics screen. SUCH a clever idea

Nilan via Twitter

Sitting at a random cafe in Royal Oak, Michigan, and the guys sitting next to me are discussing how useful @bufferapp is

Shan Mehta via Twitter

Handle social media submissions the FAST & EASY way with @bufferapp: http://t.co/VoUewksR -- seriously, you need it

Johan Woods via Twitter

I nominate @bufferapp for a Shorty Award in #apps because ... do i really need to tell you why? Buffer ROCK TWITTER http://t.co/3mQs3iqg

Jure KLEPIC via Twitter

Like @bufferapp

TGraffi via Twitter

Trying out .@bufferapp so far I'm a fan: http://t.co/ibq6pXv6

Michael Lawyer via Twitter

I'm enjoying @bufferapp, spreading out my link sharing instead of 15 at a time. :) http://t.co/ogZekpyc

Shawn Kirsch via Twitter

@TheFirstLadyLDN @FABSNETWORK Totally agree! I have been using @bufferapp for 9 months and is the best tool for tweet scheduling!:)

Christina Kyprianou via Twitter

Thanks @SocialMouths for introducing me to @bufferapp, it rocks!

Andrea Bahamondes via Twitter

@joelgascoigne I am LOVING the @bufferapp! Thank you, thank you!

Deborah Thomas via Twitter

Wonderful customer service from Alyssa at @BufferApp ☺

Lee Mifsud via Twitter

@bufferapp just seems to get more useful and beautiful all the time. Well done boys.

Mike Sutton via Twitter

Latest @bufferapp analytics updates are fantastic. Most useful Twitter tool around currently.

Paul Sutton via Twitter

@brghtidea http://t.co/IhyTnNrG. @bufferapp lets you easily schedule posts on FB/Twitter. Install it on Chrome/RSS reader too. Solid.

Lars Schmidt via Twitter

Ask and receive, i asked for @bufferapp to come out with their iPod app and they just recently released one. #ILoveYou lol

Jason Sulecki via Twitter

@bufferapp Best tweet scheduling app gives you the perfect time to tweet. When I release a YouTube vid it gets Retweeted 3-4 times more!

Justin Matthew ♕ via Twitter

Just started using this app. Very good! Buffer - Be Awesome on Social Media http://t.co/1u9uqi1I

Michael De Rosa via Twitter

@bufferapp I noticed a 220% increase in my Retweets when I scheduled through Buffer. They have been critical in growing my base to 33,000!

Justin Matthew ♕ via Twitter

Can't believe I was living without @bufferapp

Simone Cicero via Twitter

It's official: I love @bufferapp. Try it here: http://t.co/3XlNx1TR

Jim Kast-Keat via Twitter

Giving the @bufferapp iphone app a whirl. I like so far.

Andy Davis via Twitter

Trying out @bufferapp. Very nice UI and Chrome extension... Hoping it will help inspire me to tweet more. http://t.co/Btm94WBD

Bryan Helmkamp via Twitter

My favorite tool of the month :) Spread out your Tweets over the day with @bufferapp: http://t.co/FOkOq67a

Cassie Allinger via Twitter

@bufferapp Love buffer. Nice work guys

Josh Feldberg via Twitter

Been rocking @BufferApp for about a week now... Why didn't I listen before now... Check it out - http://t.co/GtaqqY9Z

Seth Caddell via Twitter

Ok, I admit it, @bufferapp is freaking slick. http://t.co/I92qd8A5

Paul Marvin via Twitter

What I love about @bufferapp: it (mostly) prevents me from spamming my followers by spacing out updates. Also, excellent UI.

Yoav Shapira via Twitter

I really admire @bufferapp because the concept is just so damn simple and it works! The world needs more such like services. #SimpleWins

Patrick Socha via Twitter

@bufferapp just got a lot more accessible with their new iOS app! http://t.co/i8etDQEb

Ryan R. Hughes via Twitter

I'm really loving @bufferapp lately http://t.co/fH9z4gEy

Jared Brown via Twitter

Excellent I can now use @bufferapp on my iPhone :) http://t.co/Sd9WufN

Matthew Marley via Twitter

anyone out there using @bufferapp pay version? Been using Free version for days now. Feeling good about results.

Todd Randall Jordan via Twitter

Loving the slick-ness of @Bufferapp particularly with the extension for Chrome - Be Awesome on Social Media http://t.co/l6qX73k9

Sean Sankey via Twitter

@bufferapp Your service is the best. Intuitive, simple, functional.

Roger Ewing via Twitter

I've been impressed with @bufferapp - helps me keep my thoughts together without overwhelming folks. More info here: http://t.co/jMqcuDXP

Chase M. Becker via Twitter

Loving @Zite + @BufferApp! Awesome combo... :) (cc @LeoWid)

Craig Jarrow via Twitter

@MyIntersperse welcome have been using it for a few weeks now and am impressed @bufferapp

Mburu Wambui via Twitter

i do love @bufferapp: "Buffer App Lets Users Schedule Shares Directly From Twitter" http://t.co/AITJ38ot

Peter Black via Twitter

@ohhushmusic You're welcome. @BufferApp has become my #1 social media tool as well.

Michael Hyatt via Twitter

@meremaines I use @BufferApp to schedule tweets and it looks like a good solution for Facebook

Nolan Touchstone via Twitter

Just added Pro upgrade of @bufferapp to the toolbox after testing for a few weeks, it's too useful not to, really.

Dan Rippon via Twitter

Oooh, @bufferapp got a makeover. Looks good. http://t.co/xY5byDBA

thinglet via Twitter

Really loving @bufferapp for twitter! With this link we both get a bonus space in our Buffer! http://t.co/6a7WlGkl check it out :)

Beth via Twitter

Really dig how @bufferapp allows me to schedule posts on Twitter and Facebook. Gives me more control over how I share.

Mario Lozano via Twitter

@DaveGorman you can do it from an app called @bufferapp. You can schedule facebook things on that app too, it's good and user-friendly.

B@1 via Twitter

@crfrazier great seeing you too! I am doing better, thanks, yay antibiotics hehe. At dinner I was singing the praises of @bufferapp. :)

Shannon Mølhave via Twitter

@philipcortes I've been impressed with @LeoWid and @joelgascoigne. Big supporter of @bufferapp! Looking forward to checking out Meeteor.

Fergus Gibson via Twitter

@bufferapp Just signed up... Really looking forward to you guys making The Difference!

Jane Howitt via Twitter

Just been pushed on the new UI for @bufferapp. WOW! This is great! (Am I allowed to say that I'm using a BETA?)

Shawn Smith via Twitter

@BenArment have you tried @bufferapp? It's changed my Twitter life.

David Santistevan via Twitter

Dear @joelgascoigne @bitly @bufferapp I'm using Buffer today for the first time and I'm SO EXCITED! Thank you!!!!!

Lu Mueller-Kaul via Twitter

@bufferapp Loving the new buffer interface! Excellent job guys! @joelgascoigne

Christina Kyprianou via Twitter

Just linked our Facebook page to @Bufferapp! Look for better scheduled tweets and posts! http://t.co/0N8yzSjH

Bite Size via Twitter

Snazzy updated look for @bufferapp - I like it! Well done, @joelgascoigne & @LeoWid.

Lauren Mikov via Twitter

@bufferapp just got even more useful! Now they integrate with facebook! I love it! Check it: www.bufferapp.com

Nathan M Long via Twitter

FYI - lovin' the new @BufferApp - sleek!

Felecia via Twitter

@joelgascoigne I know it. @bufferapp powers most of my non reply tweets. I absolutely love it. Blog post soon.

Rob Blatt via Twitter

New #UI for @bufferapp. Good stuff.

Parag Gupta via Twitter

@zmcq @bufferapp Zack, buffer is legendary

alonnir via Twitter

Finally! you can now use @bufferapp to schedule updates on Facebook. Whoohoo!!

Raz Chorev via Twitter

Love @bufferapp. Awesome time mgmt for a bush mom. Not so fond of autocorrect... I meant a BUSY mom! Lol

Suzi Tasker via Twitter

@bufferapp hey fancy update, good looking

sfhaps via Twitter

Nice upgrade to @bufferapp's #safari plugin - looks sweet. Now if we could just fix that initial lag between click and window #OSX #Twitter

Tim 2 via Twitter

I've now installed the @bufferapp on my blog. So you can "buffer" straight from the site. More info here http://t.co/GXunAOOH

Kellie // 74LimeLane via Twitter

@bufferapp cool new look site guys, will definitely give buffer for FB a go too! #cool

UberGlobal via Twitter

oooooh. I'm liking the new @bufferapp "success" screen.

Jill Levenson via Twitter

@bufferapp announced Buffer for Facebook! Who is excited? Me!

megan kirschner via Twitter

@bufferapp One word. Awesome! Sign me up baby.

Ben Davies via Twitter

Love this and love using @bufferapp RT: 2 Strange Truths I Learned From Twitter http://t.co/Yl4AuWMZ

Christine G H Franck via Twitter

@bufferapp LOVE your App!!

AngelWings Marketing via Twitter

#FF @bufferapp Awesome Twitter & Facebook update scheduling tool. One of my fav #TwitterTools

Lionel Faleiro via Twitter

Just tried the new Facebook integration on @bufferapp, seconds to setup and it's fantastic.

Ewan Rayment via Twitter

#Luvin' the @bufferapp! So easy to use & stat's on tweets are cool! Check it out http://t.co/wJWYHLah!

Jwls Poyner via Twitter

How do I stay regular? I use @bufferapp -- Free sample: http://t.co/Mjl3p5zT

Phil Yanov via Twitter

@bufferapp awesome, works great...love the new GUI changes!

Jason Resnick via Twitter

I just filled my @bufferapp, is it wierd that I am waiting for a little applause from the application?

Guido Stein via Twitter

Downloaded @bufferapp for Android : nice job :)

Mascottus | Philippe via Twitter

@bufferapp Thanks for making such a great tool!

EPIC Movement in SLO via Twitter

2 months after I started using both @bufferapp and Timely, I have to say, Buffer really increases engagement.. :)

Akhil Unnikrishnan via Twitter

@joelgascoigne the @bufferapp for android is just awesome, will mess around with it :)

Ebot T. via Twitter

Here's another great use of @bufferapp, now I have visual timeline of tweets links & stats about how my tweets are doing!

Carter Bailey via Twitter

Not only is @bufferapp a great tool, but they're content marketing and social media strategy is so on point.

Fikriyyah George via Twitter

Tweet alot? This is a seriously cool tool. @bufferapp makes it super easy to share any page you're reading. Try it at http://t.co/apCFk2y3

David Weight via Twitter

I <3 @bufferapp Buffer releases Android app, iPhone version will be next http://t.co/VwDt1mPY...

Peggy Dolane via Twitter

Highly recommend this App! Brand New @Bufferapp For Android- Twitter Tips & Updates From Buffer http://t.co/N9muC4Yt

Keri Andino via Twitter

@Bufferapp #FTW. Top 5 Tools to Better Time Your #Tweets http://t.co/JqUSQbiD

Jan van Winsen via Twitter

Noticed @bufferapp released an #Android app, maybe time to try this tool out. http://t.co/P0j1Jb2L #buffer

Jordann Gross via Twitter

@Neh18 see with @bufferapp u can queue tweets.. its gr8 tool .. comes handy in managing @guwahaticity .. tweets r posted at best times

Suraj jain via Twitter

Two statrups that I'm passionate about their style and product are @bufferapp & #workflowy. [I'm gonna keep watching them]

Jesse Oguntimehin via Twitter

have started using @bufferapp .. its kewl.. now no more flooding users timeline and posting tweets at awkward times

Suraj jain via Twitter

You know what makes @bufferapp so awesome? They send you an email when you run out of tweets! Love it.

MikeCunsolo via Twitter

I LOVE @bufferapp and their chrome extension, Thank you for making my life easier!

Jon JB Beyer via Twitter

Awesome & FREE util! Are you a @bufferapp user yet? With this link we both get a bonus space for Tweets in our Buffer! http://t.co/3kkrfcm7

Jason Resnick via Twitter

@bufferapp & their Firefox add-on is great! Works slick w/ Google Reader, knows exactly what I'm reading & I can tweet about it right there!

Jennifer Spies via Twitter

@bufferapp @knikkolette I love buffer. I am off work early am so it works for me. But no spam #bufferapp

Gerry Michaels via Twitter

I really like how @bufferapp makes product suggestions public, wish more companies did this. Users can vote and influence product direction.

Nellie LeMonier via Twitter

Ahhhh - this makes sense: @GuyKawasaki advises @bufferapp! :D #fbss11

Keri Jaehnig via Twitter

@bufferapp @TechCrunch loving you more every day Buffer!

MyInfoSnap via Twitter

This is the best 'Build More Twitter Followers' post I have ever read. Great work @bufferapp - http://t.co/GQkkcl6e

Danny Dover via Twitter

My new favourite online tool is hands down @bufferapp. LOVE it!!!

Natalie Harper via Twitter

@GregoryCiotti Yea man! I've been using @BufferApp for a couple months and it's made a HUGE difference!

Deacon Bradley via Twitter

@bufferapp has had an immediate & positive effect on traffic to my website http://t.co/EKEAv8Dm Thanks #business #communications #twitter

James Rule via Twitter

All social media analytics should have a mode that is as easy to understand as @bufferapp's dashboard. Sadly, it isn't the case.

Rob Blatt via Twitter

Pretty cool new Twitter App for scheduling tweets so they're not too close to each other. Worth a look. http://t.co/WMPkdcu5 @bufferapp

Jason Lombard via Twitter

I have multiple team members over many accounts using @bufferapp and we all love it bufferapp #toolschat :)

Sean Charles via Twitter

@bufferapp Great service. The add-ons are amazing #toolschat

John Muscarello via Twitter

@JMMuscarello @bufferapp know how to manage community, love them #ToolsChat

CamMi Pham via Twitter

@bufferapp :) and I love your app! Thanks for it. Wish it soon becomes part of @ifttt channels so I can use it more effectively!

FurSid via Twitter

Useful Apps for helping to manage the timing of your tweets @tweriod and @bufferapp

Theo Lynn via Twitter

Still impressed by how easy to use @bufferapp is. Newbies should definitely use this, instead of @twitter...

Akhil Unnikrishnan via Twitter

@bufferapp I'm thrilled with the service. It's really easy, gives me real-time info, and really, makes it much easier. TRaffic to my site up

Lee Skallerup via Twitter

awesome! Buffer Tip: Keyboard shortcut for using Buffer for Chrome. Try "Alt + b" to get your Buffer Box up to add Tweets! via @bufferapp

Rob Nielsen via Twitter

I use (and love) @bufferapp for consistent tweeting ... a key piece of the Twitter puzzle http://j.mp/r8LbHc

Josh C via Twitter

I use @bufferapp because it allows me to spell check or (gasp!) even rethink my tweets. Check it out. Get a bonus. #FREE http://j.mp/pQKtoB

Phil Yanov via Twitter

@bufferapp Thanks Leo & Kapeel for your great app and follow through with my questions.

Bob Weisberg via Twitter

Just want to say @bufferapp #YouRock!! Wahooo

Peggy Fitzpatrick via Twitter

Using @bufferapp to schedule some funnies for you while I'm on holiday in Tonga.

Anna Rose Kerr via Twitter

@bufferapp I'm prettay prettay prettay psyched to play with your interface...(that sounded dirtier than I intended and I like it)

Leta Soza via Twitter

I'm loving @bufferapp! (no, really!) With this link we both get a bonus space in our Buffer! http://t.co/DtA46X9P

renee via Twitter

This tweet was tweeted when I am seated in class, focusing on the vital lessons from my lecturer. How did I tweet? Ah, there's @bufferapp!

Simon Herdman via Twitter

@bufferapp is a great service, and great people are behind, emailed them about a bug and they are in process of fixing! I love them!!!!

Bryan Miner via Twitter

Love @bufferapp it's so easy to use... Either with an iPhone or an Android and even easier on the PC with Chrome

Mathias SM via Twitter

If you want to tweet but with an awesome touch, use @bufferapp!

Jennifer Stern via Twitter

@bufferapp - I love the new updates, the Android app is even easier to use, now. Thanks!

Dane Pritchard via Twitter

Said it and saying it again: Guys watch @bufferapp very closely. They will skyrocket the next months. Amazing announcements are coming :)

Andreas Klinger via Twitter

Dear @kwidrick : can I just tell you how much I'm LOVING @bufferapp ? thanks for the posts!! #fitblog (yes, this was buffer'd!)

Emily via Twitter

Have you given @bufferapp a try yet? Great way to manage your #twitter posts and coming soon #facebook updates too

+Wellbelove via Twitter

a #FF for @bufferapp The Application is amazingly useful and the tweets they tweet too

Mathias SM via Twitter

#FF @bufferapp Loving the app! @goTrapit Great place to stay updated on all my favorite topics :) #bestoftheweb

Ashley Carter via Twitter

@Bufferapp allows me to go on #vacation and keep the tweets going (even though I'll have no signal where I am) #MAGIC

Bryan M. Parsons via Twitter

Y'all can thank @bufferapp for not being flooded with content all at once from me today. #yourewelcome

Rich Mackey via Twitter

@bufferapp I just buffered this tweet http://t.co/H8vNzOjQ via chrome extension . Buffer rocks! #FF

MeetuSinghal via Twitter

A favorite of @britopia is @BufferApp. Lets you schedule tweets for most popular times when now is not the right time. #raganmsft

April Bolduc via Twitter

My blog post about @bufferapp is seemingly still getting bounced around the world, 24 hours later. Nice! :)

dod grile via Twitter

am going for vacation. scheduling tweets using @bufferapp, used up all 50 slots!

Liew Cheon-Fong via Twitter

2nd day of using @bufferapp. scheduling tweets is definitely easier and less time consuming. http://t.co/7R6L5rx

maria via Twitter

@OnKyoo use @bufferapp in good health. After using it for a while, I find it invaluable now.

Jim Spencer via Twitter

Been testing @bufferapp for a couple of days now, so far, so good! Will be really useful when facebook pages get added.

Dan Rippon via Twitter

How do you win my tech heart? Be real, be quick, and be honest. Joel at @bufferapp is just that. Love it! Responded in mear minutes at 12am

T-Rave via Twitter

A week or so in, I still really love @bufferapp http://t.co/bxKm4FX < gently release Twitter goodness, using a beautiful UI

Edd Dumbill via Twitter

@WOMMA I have been using @bufferapp for a day. Simple to use. I use default times. Every few hours. Try yourself. I like it.

David Gerbino via Twitter

The @bufferapp is making my life so much easier. Combine it with #Tweriod and you've got a golden team.

Marg Stortenbecker via Twitter

Give @bufferapp a try, makes Twitter a bit easier and very solid UI http://t.co/MKeUlBH

Shawn Roberts via Twitter

I am in love with @bufferapp

Kellie Barnes via Twitter

Really enjoying @bufferapp so far. Allows me to easily have posts scheduled to be sent out and at optimal times.

Mike Stenger via Twitter

Hey @bufferapp - A little faster on the customer service next time OK? Took you like 34 seconds to reply. #sarcasm

Andy Traub via Twitter

@LeoWid I am really loving @bufferapp! Thx to @staceysoleil for introducing it to me! Now I can get the gym & schedule my a.m. tweets!

MaryAnne Wendt  via Twitter

If anyone fancies signing up for @bufferapp here's my cheeky link: http://t.co/XkxUfE2 it really is one of my favourites :-)

Gina Romero via Twitter

Upgraded to @bufferapp premium, this service kicks ass

Mike Talon via Twitter

@bufferapp ur a great example of using Twitter to build your brand. Love following your tweets/content & I dont even use your tool,,,yet.

Steve NeSmith via Twitter

Recommended @bufferapp to @villekikku, thought it would be a good addition to his blog post about content curation. http://t.co/Jr3F0Ls

Tori Kyes via Twitter

I've increased my following AND engagement tremendously with @bufferapp ~ HANDY LITTLE TOOL! http://t.co/rhkDqX9

♛ Farah Belliard ♛ via Twitter

How to use @ifttt and @bufferapp to curate content from your iPad: http://t.co/0JaS4V9

Carlos Granier via Twitter

Just started using @bufferapp; tremendously impressed.

L I M E via Twitter

Switched to Chrome & added @bufferapp. Adds cool icon in Twitter & while browsing. Bufferapp beta for FB coming - will check out! #bufferapp

Lynette Podkranic via Twitter

@sallykwitt Agreed, the @bufferapp is pretty darn cool!

Stacey Soleil ☼ via Twitter

@bufferapp YES WITH THE bufferapp.com I LOVE IT! Thanks you guys (:

Isis via Twitter

@bufferapp Buffer has made my Twitter life MUCH easier and I tweet more now because of it.

Lane Vance via Twitter

@RonaldYau I started using @bufferapp about a week ago. It's definitely useful.

LaMar Gibson via Twitter

If Twitter's iPad app had @bufferapp built in it would be the best tweeting tool evar

AlexRamadan via Twitter

@bufferapp I added it to my google reader and I'm in love!

Spin Sucks via Twitter

Awesome #App ------>>> @bufferapp and co-owner @leowid , knowledgable and Kind!!☺

Edna Campos via Twitter

New shootingstar @Bufferapp reaches milestone of one million tweets buffered http://j.mp/nfEJNp

Adrian Y Roessler via Twitter

So I'm finally playing with @bufferapp and loving it so far! Goodies - Buffer http://t.co/EqAc0pA

Spin Sucks via Twitter

@bufferapp I'm really loving the App, nice work!!!!! So helpful!! -- Kristi

Silver Springs Photo via Twitter

Introduced a Tweetdeck user to @bufferapp tonight @venturecafe in Cambridge. Blew his mind...#greatservice

Matt Giffune via Twitter

Oh my gosh, the analytics in @BufferApp are addicting.

Lauren Kaminsky via Twitter

And thanks to @arunkw I gave a shot to @bufferapp Now I hardly log in to twitter to tweet :) #Socialmedia automation

Himanshu Chanda via Twitter

Passing the word 2 all my clients & friends about @bufferapp. I LOVE this app, completely changes how you use #twitter http://t.co/ibSi90B

Woody T. Owl via Twitter

Using Twitter tools for content curation and why I LOVE @bufferapp - http://t.co/435rduI

Jay Palter via Twitter

@cammipham Exactly...so important to implement systems to be more effective, That is why I LOVE @bufferapp #toolschat

ManonLeroux via Twitter

@ACSprungle- check out @bufferapp ... One of the best #twitter tools right now!

Adam Meyer via Twitter

@bufferapp great tool keep up the great work

Rick Racela via Twitter

Actively using @bufferapp now, and enjoying it! :-)

Victor Quiros via Twitter

Thanks to @bufferapp analytics I'm finding out that a lot of you want to know more about technology as a life tool, will give more of that

Kevin Roberts via Twitter

Dear @kwidrick Thank you for introducing me to @bufferapp . Obsessed already.

Julie Grice via Twitter

Great little app that lets you become a twitter power user with tweet scheduling and analytics. http://t.co/rhQOZ76 @bufferapp

J. Young via Twitter

Completely impressed by what @bufferapp is to offer - http://t.co/Fvtmt3s

Shiraz Datta via Twitter

I love this @bufferapp, watch my Buffer!

Anton Kurniawan via Twitter

@PegFitzpatrick I already love it!! I want to marry @bufferapp ! #BOOM

Michelle Kay via Twitter

The @Bufferapp spreads your tweets out over time, so your followers see your messages at regular intervals. Brilliant!

Markham Lane via Twitter

Do you tweet in bursts? Space them out and tweet more consistently with @bufferapp. Been testing it out, it's legit. http://t.co/UVSF3eK

Ayman Al-Abdullah via Twitter

Alright so @bufferapp is pretty sweet. If u decide to check it out, pls use my ref link: http://t.co/0dfCvbg #ScratchMyBack

willtao via Twitter

@bufferapp makes it so easy to get the message out...I love it!

Jerry Meyer via Twitter

Great #socialmedia know-how from @bufferapp - Five Twitter Tips to Better Interact with your Customers: http://t.co/BktKmro #smallbiz

HP for SmallBiz via Twitter

Just started using @BufferApp a couple days ago and liking how it helps queue tweets to good times of day.

Chip Rodgers via Twitter

@danloney Already loving Buffer! I'm using it with the Chrome extension. So easy! @bufferapp @chromextensions

sarahbethrosa via Twitter

One of my favorite new #twitter tools is @bufferapp, a super simple tool to manage your tweets. Check it out: http://ow.ly/6cv4i #CoolTools

Lars Schmidt via Twitter

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