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Is Zuckerberg’s Law Of Tweeting True?

Recently Mark Zuckerberg unveiled the latest features for Facebook.

What got me exciting wasn’t any of the new features actually. There was one detail that Mark mentioned, which really got me jumping from my seat:

“The amount a user shares today is twice the amount they shared a year ago.” – Zuckerberg Buffer this

From simple experience this is something I have definitely seen to be true for Twitter. From a little over a year ago until today, my sharing has steadily increased and still does.

Zuckerberg’s Law of Sharing

An interesting detail here is that at first sight his statement doesn’t actually seem to be worth mentioning. If I share 1 item a day this year and I share 2 next year. So what?

Fortunately, to illustrate, Mark explains that as humans we have trouble imagining exponential growth.

“If you took a piece of paper and folded it on itself 50 times, how tall would it be?”, to answer it, “Most people would say a few feet … Turns out it goes to the moon and back 10 times

That is way more exciting. Of course, it depends on for how long this can be said to be true. Sharing something like 1000 items a day seems to sound rather unrealistic.


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What happens to what you share?

Recently a lot of great tools emerged that help us to make reading and consuming Tweets easier. There is, Twylah or Summify. Lots of others are out there helping us to get the most out of your Tweets.

But what happens to all the things you once shared? After being shared, a Tweet might last for an hour, a FB share for a day and a G+ post maybe for 2 days. After that? It is gone, as if it never existed before.

Making better use of the great content we once shared is a key problem we want to solve with Buffer. It is something I see having a huge potential for other startups too.


The Sharepocalypse is coming

So recently the topic of all of us sharing more and more got picked up a lot recently. Nova Spivack spoke from a Sharepocalypse that we are entering in the coming years.

He predicts a huge potential and need for more tools and Apps that help us deal with the information overload that is increasing exponentially.

What I believe to may still take a little while for Facebook, it is something I see happening very much for Twitter and Google+ already. Consuming news has already become a lot more intelligent.

Whilst we enter the Sharepocalypse I believe the way we share will become a lot more intelligent too. Here are 5 key areas in which a lot more innovation will be needed:

  • Social Relationship Management (SRM)
  • Social Awareness
  • Social Curation
  • Social Personalization
  • Social Analytics
  • Social Automation


I feel that is actually a very fascinating time right now to be part of this sharing shift. Curation on the one side and smarter sharing and making use of what we shared on the other, are the key areas in my believe.

How about you? Where do you think Zuckerberg’s Law will lead us to?

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