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[WOW] Twitter Spreads News Faster Than Earthquakes

Recently, here in San Francisco, there was a small earthquake happening. Literally within seconds, the news was spread on Twitter.

One might even think that a Tweet can travel faster than the earthquake itself. Twitter took up the opportunity and made a fun video around the topic, showing which impact Twitter can have in terms of spreading news.

An earthquake, travelling from Washington DC to New York would need roughly 30 seconds. Certainly way longer than it would take someone to pick up the phone to share the news on Twitter and make it viral: Before it arrives in New York of course..


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The Power of Twitter

How powerful and magnificent the power of Twitter can be is nearly incredible. Here are a few amazing examples from the recent past, where Twitter was responsible or partly for spreading the news across the web:

  • Bin Laden’s Death, 2nd of May 2011
  • Resignation of Steve Jobs, 24th of August 2011
  • Riots in London, August 2011
  • US President answers questions on Twitter, 6th of July 2011


Personally, I am blown away by seeing how fast the word can spread through Twitter. How about you? In which other ways have you experienced the power of Twitter?

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