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Who works for Twitter?

Twitter has recently stepped up the pace significantly at which the company hires. In the last month alone, the company hired an additional 73 people, closing in on nearly 600 employees right now.

I always asked myself though, who are these people behind the scene? I decided to take a look at 8 completely people, so you can see, what some of the tasks for Twitter employees include


Dick Costolo(@dickc), CEO

The current Twitter CEO is said to be a very operational person, focused on developing a functional business model.

Before joining Twitter as COO and early stage investor, he also Co-Founded Feedburner. What is particularly interesting is that before his move to technology and web, he had a career in impro comedy.


Claire Diaz Ortiz (@claired) Social Innovation and Philantrophy

Claire takes up a very interesting position in Twitter. She focuses on how we can use Twitter to make the world a better place.

Claire has been involved and initiated many activities such as Hope Runs or her own company Do Well Media. The simple fact that Twitter has officially put such a position in place is something that I find well worth noting.


Ryan Sarver(@rsarver), Head Of Product

We were fortunate enough to briefly get to know Ryan, when he tried out and fortunately liked Buffer, as he is responsible for communicating with developers.

Ryan joined Twitter in 2009, coming from an interesting company called Skyhook Wireless. His main tasks there included to build an API for geolocation. This means he has an interesting background highly relevant for Twitter in terms of location and platform.


Del Harvey (@delbius), Head of Trust and Safety

Del heads 8 teams at Twitter to fight the annoying spam and phishing attacks that hit the service regularly. Based on the simple number of people involved, this  already shows which high priority Twitter gives this task.

Before joining Twitter to get rid of spam she worked as Law Enforcement Liaison Co-Administrator.




Charles Magnuson, (@magnuson) Support

Charles joined Twitter as Triage Captain for the Support team. He is a Bay Area native and calls himself a real geek with interest in science, gadgets, technology, internet, documentaries, and burritos.

He also writes a pretty cool blog that you can read up here. Oh and Charles is a really nice guy too, showing his avid support for Buffer many times in the past.



Michael Paul (@mjp39) Intern

Michael is a Phd student at John Hopkins university in Computer Science and interns with Twitter this summer.

I am not quite sure, what his role will be, but according to his interests in natural language processing, text mining, and machine learning, I am pretty sure Twitter can launch a few exciting projects with his help.



Krissy Bush (@Krissy) Human Resources

Krissy Bush is Human Resources and Office Manager for Twitter. Thanks to PodTech, I found a very interesting video featuring her and other Twitter employees from quite a while back.




Daniel Brennan (@danielbrennan) Twitter Attorney

As Twitter attorney, Daniel specializes in patent law and as such is on the company’s payroll. What is particularly interesting is that he boasts a large interest in Social Media and tech. I wonder whether this is a requirement in order to start working for Twitter.

Oh and amidst fighting for all intellectual property rights for Twitter, Daniel is a dog lover too.



Want to check out more people that are working for Twitter? You can browse through all of them here. Below, you can find all avatars of people currently working for the company.

I just wanted use this post as a chance of how diverse Twitter’s workforce has become. Would you like to work for Twitter yourself?


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