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Which Twitter Tools Will Be Most Relevant In The Future? Tweet Café with @Kabaim

In today’s episode of Tweet Café, I have had the chance to sit down with Eric Kim (@kabaim), founder of a hot new Twitter startup called Twylah.

We were chatting about his own startup lots at first, and there really is some brilliant thinking behind Twylah.

The first 2 videos are about the App and the third one is about which Tools are most relevant today and which ones will be so in the future.


1.) What is Twylah?

Eric explains that Twylah generates a whole website created around the tweets you post. By doing so it takes your stream of information and turns it into something that is more understandable to a broader audience.

2.) Who and why should you use Twylah?

Unfortunately there was a slight hiccup with the recording and Eric’s great description was messed up a little.

Instead, Robert Scoble made a fantastic video with Eric too, explaining more about Twylah.

3.) Which Twitter Tools Are Most Relevant Now? And in the future?

Eric explains which Twitter tools he is using and why. We spoke here about publishing tools and then moved on to content creation tools , which are on the rise. The tools mentioned by him are:


I asked Eric, which Twitter tools can we see more in the future?

  • For one part Eric mentions that he thinks there will a lot more analytics and data measurement Apps so that the power of Twitter’s content can be harvested more.
  • Eric also made very interesting points how Twitter is only at the beginning in terms of a marketing perspective and he believes a lot more money will be spent to leverage the many users on Twitter more.


We also talked about Twitter’s up and coming in-stream advertisements and how it will affect users.




I want to thank Eric for taking the time and discussing these Twitter issues with me. I was especially impressed by his views on Twitter’s future and recommend you watch the third part as Eric pours out his knowledge from his previous marketing background.

Of course, be sure to give Twylah ago, it is a great way to consume Tweets and makes it a lot easier to tell others what you and your Tweets are all about.

As for Eric, you can follow him on Twitter @kabaim and also his wife Kelly @Twylah. The two are a fantastic team and very responsive.


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