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What We Learnt From Meeting @PeerIndex, @Garmz and @ParatusComms

Last week Joel and me had the fantastic opportunity to meet the people behind 3 amazing companies in London.

We had great chats, learned many lessons and thought about sharing them with you in a post and pics.



1# PeerIndex – More than just a score

Our day was off to a great start when we met up with @SimonCast in the PeerIndex’ offices in Old Street, London. Simon is the head of product at PeerIndex and discussed with us in which ways Buffer and PeerIndex might collaborate in the future.

As an early startup the insight into how a further established startup works was very helpful as you can imagine. One thing, that Joel and me took away was Simon’s focus on building a product beyond the focus on the technicalities.

Simon explained to us that behind the simple score displayed as your PeerIndex lies a whole lot of thinking on making their measuring count and valuable for you. Not even mentioning the technicalities of the algorithm.

If you want to hop over to Simon’s blog or the Peerindex blog you will find amazing material on why capturing trust and reputation matters.

Lesson Learnt: Build a product that you are motivated to build beyond its technical functionality.


2# Garmz – Create your network

Joel and Andreas from Garmz

Our next meeting was scheduled with @AndreasKlinger who is Co-Founder of a special startup called Garmz, that I am sure will change the fashion industry.

Chatting to Andreas was fantastic because Garmz is inevitably bound to collaborate with the people using the site. They are the ones submitting designs and sketches which are ultimately produced and sold.

As a networker par excellence, he shared with us that the connections and collaboration between startups can make or break your success. This being even more true in such a competitive market as Twitter Apps.

Lesson learnt: Reach out to other Twitter Apps out there and start collaborating and integrating.




3# ParatusComms – Stay who you are

Antonia (also the author of SocialGlitz) and me (Leo).

Our final meetup that day was with @AntoniaHarler and @AdamVincenzini both consultants in the Social Media space for ParatusComms.

The two are an incredibly smart and cheerful bunch making up for some time with us over a glass of wine and dinner.

As a long term blogger Adam shared a few fantastic lessons on structuring posts and always working towards a long-term goal.

Another amazing piece of advice came from Antonia that night. We were just about to redesign our landing page and were looking for taglines. Amidst trying to come up with something descriptive, Antonia reminded us about something important.

She mentioned how the wording and appearance inside the Buffer site is phrased with such friendly and inviting words. Why not keep that on the landing page too? So if you check our landing page, the tagline is (hopefully) all in line with this.

Lesson learnt: Stick to what represents your values best.


The amount of ideas and insights we took away from this day was fantastic and I hope the shared lessons where interesting for you too. Let me know any thoughts you have on this.

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