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What have you missed from #ToolsChat on Publishing Apps?

First off, I am SO sorry, there is absolutely no excuse here. Last night another amazing #ToolsChat happened and I overslept. Now this wouldn’t be a big deal if I were to be a participant, but as the host? No way, this is supposed in any situation given the circumstances. So all I am left with saying is, I apologise to all the great people that participated.

Especially to Michael @MQTodd my Co-Host, Kelly from @Twylah, Sherry from @MakeItHappenJax, to @Jcase59, to @1Kin1Day, to @Farr_go, to @imlaurenandyou, to Jackie @JackiesBuzz, to @girimedia, to @EavChat, to @BG_garden, to @DOtime_WX, to @PhoenixAZJobx, to the guys from @triberr, to @fjharris, to @Tribe2Point0, to the amazing @Sandee_Jackson, to my great buddy Prasant @LHInsights, to @StevenCaggiano, to @yippyio and to my friend Aaron from @Refynr. Thank you all for making it rock again!


In case you missed it (too), these were the questions asked:

Q1: Which Tools make posting Tweets easiest for you?

Q2: Which number of daily tweets works best to gain exposure?

Q3: From full automation, to scheduling Tweets, to real-time Tweets, what works best for you?

Q4: Is it important to track the tweets you send with analytics? With which Tools?

Q5: How important is the design of the publishing tools you are using? Which are they?


Here is the full transcript for you. Don’t miss out next week on Wednesday 10pm EST, we are going to chat about content syndication Apps.

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