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Want To Be The First To Buffer Your Facebook Updates?

Yes! We are taking Buffer to the next level. As of today we are rolling out the very first version for the coming Facebook Buffer.

We will give you, our most loyal users and your friends a special perk and early access to use the feature.


How can I get early access for it?

This is very simple. All you have to do is click on the big button below.

How Does Buffering for Facebook work?

Buffering for Facebook will work exactly as it does for Twitter. Whenever you find an article that you want to share with your friends, hit the Buffer button via the browser extension. Or click the Buffer Button on the site right here. You will get the title of the page alongside the link.

If you hit “add to Buffer” we will queue it up for you and post it the best times for you. This will work for both Facebook Profiles and Facebook Pages.


Where are Joel and Leo taking Buffer?

Our goal with Buffer is to make sharing content on Social Networks a lot easier. And a lot more intelligent. All you have to do is put your Tweets, Facebook updates, LinkedIn updates or Google+ posts in your Buffer.

We will take care of the rest, post it for you at optimal times, get you more exposure, more clicks and engagement.

We want to turn Buffer into your personal publishing tool of information across any social network. And from any App or site you are reading your news. With Buffer, we want to change and improve the way your content is shared.

Facebook was an obvious next step. We are working on a powerful algorithm that will help you make each of your Facebook updates one that is seen, clicked on and reshared.


Are there any more features you would like to see with Buffer?


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