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5 Ways To Maximize Your Use Of Buffer [From Our Users]

Today’s post is a guestpost from Neil, running where you can start sharing your memories online and enjoy a warm glow of nostalgia every now and then. Connect with him @Scribas.

Be Awesome On Twitter With Buffer

In March, we opened our new site, While scouring the net for ways to better use Twitter, we saw a few recommendations for Buffer App and hoped it would allow us to more effectively use Twitter to increase our exposure and share our content.

I found Buffer and gave it a whirl and have been impressed with our results so far.

So, here are a list of five things that helped me greatly whilst using Buffer.

1# Reach different time zones and maximum exposure

I found a few helpful ways to use Buffer’s time scheduler best. Find out when your followers are online (using another very effective tool, such as Tweriod) so I could tweet to a  maximum audience.

As  I live in a different time zone from most of my followers this is perfect for me. I don’t have to get up at five in the morning to catch the morning rush. I can line up a few tweets the night before.


2# Mind the stats – Listen to your followers

I love how Buffer offers great stats of how many followers your tweets reached, how often they were clicked and how many retweets they received. I especially love the last of these because, very handily, Buffer gives you the total readers for a retweet.

Using these stats, you’ll see which types of tweet are most effective – and when. Do your followers respond better to tweets that include questions or links? Are morning or afternoon tweets getting the best reaction?


3# Revisit Buffered tweets – Make them excellent

Buffer helps me to really think carefully about my tweets. Since I started to use Buffer, I’ve gone back and altered tweets quite a few times. How often have you fired off a tweet and then thought “I forgot the link!” or “I forgot to give credit!”? Sure, you can go and delete it but that tweet is possibly already on hundreds of people’s screens. It’s messy.

Buffer allows you to go back and refine. Perhaps improve a headline you put, turn it into a question that will get more responses. You can polish your tweets and make more impact.


4# Keep sending signals not noise

Before using Buffer, I tweeted relevant content in my own and my followers’ niche. That hasn’t changed one iota since using it and it shouldn’t for anyone starting to use Buffer. The only thing that changes is that you can create a reliable consistency for your followers.


5# Enjoy the time savings from using Buffer

Finally, DO go out and get some sunshine – it’s what buffer allows you to do. I spend half an hour in the morning lining up some high quality tweets, share some great content, then head to the beach and let Buffer do the hard work.

What I love is to simply jump in for the engagement when Buffer does it’s magic.


Twitter is a great place to be and Buffer facilitates being great on Twitter a lot. For me, it’s about building an audience and then sharing great content with them, content that may educate them, amuse them or have them thinking the first thing they must do is to share it with their audience.

Your use of Buffer probably won’t alter your overall aims with Twitter, but it will allow you to do it better.

What is your experience with Buffer? I would love to hear your views below.


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