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Is Twitter Trying To Steal Facebook Users?

This is something I would have never quite assumed. Twitter, as the smaller, more niche platform always took a different place then Facebook in my daily Social Media use. Yet, things are about to change it seems.

Twitter recently rolled out a lot of new features that move away from following your interest. It is getting closer to “what are your friends up to?”. Clearly, this is Facebook territory. Yet, it is not the most obvious change that makes me wonder about this.

Last week Twitter officially unveiled a function to post Tweets to Facebook. This invades Facebook’s territory significantly. Of course, this was possible for a long time through various Apps before. Yet, Twitter putting it as a new feature with a full tutorial on their website sends a new message I believe.


How To Post Your Tweets To Facebook

This is actually very easy to do.

  • Simply head to your Twitter page and hit “Settings”.
  • Under settings click the profile tab.
  • Scroll down and with the click of one button you can connect Twitter to Facebook.
  • You can now either tick or untick the box to have your Tweets posted to Facebook too.


Of course, whether you want to post your Tweets to Facebook is very debatable. After all the dynamics of the two services are still very different I believe. Blasting the same message to most likely a completely different audience may not be appropriate all the time.


Is The Twitter Vs. Facebook Battle On?

With every Tweet that you put onto Facebook you are providing free marketing for Twitter. You will constantly provide backlinks back to your Twitter stream that your followers can click on. The bet here is obviously to get more and more people to explore and hooked onto Twitter.


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What I like about this strategy is that it is a way better onboarding process for a user. If you constantly see that people are actively Tweeting – and now also posting it to Facebook – it will give you a much better sense of how Twitter works. The fact that Twitter is actually quite hard to understand may be flipped around and users will be educated faster.


Zuckerberg: “User numbers don’t matter, where you spend your time does.”

In his keynote, a few weeks back, Mark Zuckerberg mentioned that it is completely irrelevant how many users Facebook has. In fact, they have even stopped announcing these milestones. What matters a lot more is what the users do.

How long are they staying on each site? How much are they sharing? This is the way more interesting point as he has put it. Twitter seems to have realised that. Judging form signups, Twitter is most likely up there with Facebook. Yet, judging from actual daily users, it is facing a big problem.

This step could have been a ver smart approach to solve it and bring more people to actively use Twitter.

Wait – Aren’t Twitter and Facebook collaborating here?

A notion that I may have missed is that Twitter and Facebook are actually working together on this. This is at least what a recent article in TheNextWeb suggested. The fact that it has official support of Facebook inside Twitter and vice versa is what has triggered them to say that.

Personally, I am not quite sure about this. There is no benefit for Facebook here I believe. Users, who activate this feature, will start sharing their Tweets on Facebook and stop sharing original Facebook posts. This is certainly not in line with Zuckerberg’s ideas from his keynote.


What do you think about this? Is Twitter trying to steal away Facebook users through this?


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