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7 Stunning New Twitter Stats

Only last week Twitter has held a closed press conference with the big names in press and media. They have, for the first time disclosed some very delicate user numbers. Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter sat down with a few selected reporters and spoke about the so far unknown figures.

Although a few people have claimed that there are a lot less users than signups might be surprised by the actual figures.

The retention rate is pretty high I believe at close to 30%. I went ahead and put the latest figures and facts together for you.


1.) 100 Million Twitter Users Are Active

Twitter reported that in the last month over 100 million users logged in to Twitter. The interesting part here is that this is the very first time Twitter disclosed these numbers of active users. It also shows that from over 300 million that have signed up only 30% continue to use the service.


2.) 230 Million Tweets Are Posted Every Day

This is another juicy insight Twitter’s CEO unveiled. Up from 200 million a day just a few months ago, Twitter has now increased this figure by 15%. In it’s last all Tweets next to each other on paper would reach nearly the Taipei 101 building. What do you think, is this more noise or more great information shared?


3.) The Half life Of A Link On Twitter Is 2,5 hours

Another very interesting piece of research comes from that it has announced very recently. It has shown that the half life for how long a Tweet is relevant and being clicked on is about 2,8 hours. Interestingly, this is only 1 hour less than on Facebook. Twitter, who has long been criticized for giving content only exposure for a few minutes, regains some of it’s force through this.

4.) 50 Million Users Log In To Twitter Every Day

Now some people might argue, that the 100 million monthly isn’t a very accurate figure of active users. Another metric to use is to say that active means if you log on every day. Personally I would say that especially with Twitter this is a better way to measure activity.


5.) 400 Million People Have Visited Twitter In The Past Month

In a previous article on Business Insider about what Twitter wants to be in the future, @TweetSmarter concluded very pointedly: Twitter Wants To Be Like TV, Not Like Facebook. So I believe the new statistic that over 400 million people have visited Twitter shows that people access the site to catch up on news or follow real time events from there.


6.) Monthly Twitter Visitors Have Grown 70% In 2011

Now this is one that struck me as very odd. Signups don’t seem to have increased by 70%, yet visitors did? This points further towards the fact that Twitter might turn more into a newsoutlet than anything else. Even more reason for you to start putting out great content on Twitter I believe.


7.) Better Timing And Frequency Can Increase Clicks On Tweets 200%

Some more data comes from our own research here at Buffer. Looking at thousands of our users, we analysed how their Tweets have performed. Through better timing and higher frequency, we found that clicks increased by 200%, retweets doubled and both Klout and followers count increased considerably. Read more here: Research Insight.


Personally, I feel those are some great signs of continuous success for Twitter. What I also find very interesting is the slight repositioning. It seems that Twitter is and wants to gradually move away from being a “normal” social network, focusing more and more on the interest part. Harnessing the power around sharing content has always been Twitter’s strength I believe.

What do you think of Twitter’s stats? Is Twitter’s prime yet to come?

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