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3 Great Initiatives Created Solely Through Twitter: Tweet Café with @Mqtodd

As at every end of the week, there is a new Tweet Café available for you. Today, I want to share with you the lessons that Michael Q Todd (@MQTodd) learnt through his over two years he spent on Twitter. Michael is a true innovator and has kicked off some amazing initiatives solely through Twitter.

You might have come across Michael from his fantastic Twitterchat #EAVchat that runs three times a week or from his TedX initiatives from a year back.

So without further ado, here is the interview with Michael. (Note, my nervousness is slowly but steadily moving away. 🙂

What have we talked about in the video?


  • How can I kick off initiatives through Twitter? Micheal speaks about how they managed to got to the number 3 trending topic worldwide with their TEDx support on Twitter. Michael also mentions his involvement in the revolution of Tehran and explains his green hair.


“We managed to be successful on Twitter, because we worked together as a team.” Buffer this


  • How can I start my Twitter Chat? Michael talks about how he managed to launch a super popular Twitter Chat called #EAVchat, getting 5,5 million impressions in just 2 hours with the hashtag.


  • Why should I start building a Twitter list? Michael mentions that without Twitter lists, you might be building your Twitter presence on sand. He explains how it is very simple and easy to create these lists.


“Being on Twitter without creating lists, is like building your Twitter presence in sand.” Buffer this



  • How can I find my voice on Twitter? A very crucial part that Michael speaks about is that by building Twitter lists, you will be able to create your own voice and branding. He suggests, to pick 3 keywords that describe you and stick to these topics to be a recognizable personality.


“Pick 3 words that describe you best and build your Tweeting around these topics” Buffer this




I want to say a big thank you to Michael for taking the time and speaking to me about his success on Twitter. I hope there are a few things that you can take away from them as well.

Be sure to stay in touch with Michael at @MQTodd, follow his blog here and check out his very vibrant Facebook page here.


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