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The September 11th Terrorist Attacks In Realtime Tweets

It has been 10 years that the twin towers collapsed after the Terrorist attacks of 9/11.

When Brian Austin (@brianwaustin) Tweeted us, saying that he is going to post all events, exactly as they happened on September 11th I was more than amazed. Although I am honoured our App is used for this, I wanted to share it, because I thought that using Twitter for this was an amazing way to portray these happenings.

I think this one is a great idea to remind us all of what has happened on that day and how it happened.  Check out all footage in right order below (I will update this post as Brian Tweets more events)


There are so many people that have found new and fabulous ways to use Buffer. Being part of such a thoughtful reminder in the case of Brian is very thought-provoking. What do you think of this? Are there other ways we should deal with this and remind ourselves of the attacks?

A special thanks to Brian Austin for this artful reminder. He is a software developer and blogger. Check out his blog about Software, Tech and Security.

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