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The Buffer Button WordPress-Plugin is ready [How to]

Update: We now have a dedicated button page for you, where you can grab the code for the button much faster and customise it right there.

Get the Buffer button here. 

As of today Joel has made the WP-Plugin for the Buffer Button available for everyone to use. In the past few weeks we tested a very early version on a few blogs who kindly helped us out.

How do I get it?

All you have to do is do a search plugins for “Buffer Button” from your WordPress dashboard. Click install and that’s it.

If you prefer to install it manually by using the code, here is a wonderful tutorial from Mani on his blog. You can also get the code from a recent post of ours.

How To Get Buffer into Sharebar

Sharebar is a plugin which you can see in use on the lefthand side of each of our posts. It scrolls as you go further down, so that the sharing buttons are always present.

If you want to get your Buffer button in there, like we have, here is a tutorial.

What does it look like?

Here are  few nice examples of various bloggers using it already together with their Twitter buttons and other social sharing functions.

Aaron Lee from AskAaronLee (Wow, 10 Buffers!)


Nikki Pilkington from NikkiPilkington



Michele Welch from NewBizBlogger



Thomas Frank from College Info Geek

Dino Dogan from DIYblogger


Andrea from


Mani from Dailyblogging:


Joel from Buffer 😉


Thomas from Techwork:


Jonny Rowntree from WornCanvas:

Kiera Pedley on Natural Parenting Tips


David Kaufer from DavidKaufer


Kiera Pedley on KieraPedley

Jim from JimsComputing

Aschae from Mountaintop Natural Pets


Corey St. Onge on Life Unwired


Anibal Trejo via AnibalTrejoBlog

Sheila Atwood from NewbieLifeline:


James Hicks from THE Tech Scoop:



Jane Sheeba from Find All Answers:


David Gilson from


Karen from BlazingMinds


Kevin Douglas from SmartIncomeBlog:


Nancy Wait on Art and Ascension


Karen Leslie on Anametrix Blog


Mikie O’Sullivan from Rython Web Design



Stephen Robinson from SocialSteak



Peter Masters from Constructionmarketing


Lee Fuller from Inspire By Design


Lynn Brown from Learn It To Earn It


Swizec on A Geek With A Hat

Are you using the Buffer Button?

Please get in touch if you start using the Buffer Button. We would gladly help you promote your blog  and share it with our followers that there is another great blog with the shiny new Buffer Button on the block.

What do you think about the plugin? Is it worth giving it a go on your blog too to make it easier for people to Buffer and give you credit for the post?

PS: Have you installed it too on your blog and it slipped past our radar here? Please let me know below or on Twitter @bufferapp and I will add you in.

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