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A sweet tasting combination: Buffer and StrawberryJam

Update: has closed down 🙁

Today we are very happy to announce our second partnership to date with the wonderful

What is is a fantastic Twitter powered news reader. It gives you an uncluttered way to read your tweets and only shows you the most relevant ones.

The algorithm the app uses to show you tweets is based on how often the people you are following have mentioned this particular article. This allows you to quickly see the top articles of the day.



In addition you can set up search terms or track Twitter lists in the same manner. I believe this feature makes the App even more powerful as it really becomes a hassle free way to consume the top tweets from your stream:


How can you Buffer some Strawberries?

As of today, has now a Buffer function. This means that you can Buffer these top mentioned tweets very easily without flooding your followers:


It works in the similar way as the Buffer browser extension and clicking the “Add to Buffer” button will bring up the Buffer box with the tweet. You can edit the tweet as you wish or add it right away.



Why did we do this?

First of all because this is one of the slickest Apps out there on the web! The strawberry crew led by Dennis is a bunch of amazing guys. Working together with them was a big deal of fun.

Our goal with Buffer is to make consistent and hassle free sharing on Twitter as easy as possible for you. This means to bring the Buffer experience to as many places online as possible. So we try collaborating with reader apps, mobile apps and Twitter clients so you can Buffer from anywhere and everywhere.

Integrating Buffer with was an important step for us to continue going down this route.

The App is currently in Beta, but signing up for an invite is much recommended. 100 invites will be rolled out to lucky Buffer users soon.


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