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Should You Automate On Twitter? Discussed in #ToolsChat

Today we have another exciting session of #ToolsChat at 10pm EST with Michael @MQTodd, Kelly @Twylah and me (@leowid).

Today’s special guest is Triberr founder @Dino_Dogan.

The contributions from all of you last week were good for 3 full blogposts! You can read them here:

Top 5 Twitter Time Savers

5 Twitter Tips To Better Interact With Your Customers

6 Tools To Grow Your Twitter Network


Today’s topic will be all about: Which Tools Can You Use To Automate On Twitter?

These are the 7 questions we are going to ask:

Q1: What was your original vision for Triberr?

Q2: What has changed in your vision now you have had 6 months of activity?

Q3: What has surprised you so far?

Q4: What exciting changes are coming up?

Q5: What could most Trberr users be doing better?

Q6: Which Tools do you use for Twitter automation?

Q7: What are some of the dangers that can come with automating on Twitter?

Q8: Do you have you any examples when automation works well and when to avoid it?


How do I best follow #ToolsChat?

I believe the easiest way for you to participate is to set up a search column in Tweetdeck or Hootsuite with the hashtag #ToolsChat.

Alternatively we have also set up a specific event for you here, where you can Tweet from and follow the questions at the same time: ToolsChat. It will allow you to have all the details of the chat next to the tweets.


When does it start?

#ToolsChat will take place every Wednesday at 10p.m. Eastern Time.


Ok, Dino, Kelly, Michael and I hope to see you there.  🙂


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