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How To Make Publishing Tweets Even Easier: Buffer and Refynr partner

Here is an update we are very excited about. As of today you can start Buffering tweets from inside Refynr.

Refynr is a web app that allows you to filter out the clutter of your Social Media stream and save your most valuable tweets for later. So you get a new “refyned” feed of tweets.

You can create this personalized stream by setting up keywords you want to include, such as “Twitter”, “Social Media” and “Startups” in my case.

What has happened?

This awesome clutterless stream has now received a Buffer Button. It means you can Buffer those tweets right from inside Refynr.

Once you click the Buffer Button, the usual Buffer Box will appear and you can add the tweet to your Buffer. That’s it.


Why did we do it?

Joel and me have set out to start collaborations with many different Twitter tools to make publishing the great content you come across each day easy and effortless.

It was fantastic to collaborate with Aaron from Refynr to kick off a (hopefully) long series of further integrations.

We are currently involved in some great talks with other Apps and hope to surprise you with more integrations in the future soon.


Any more Apps you want Buffer to be integrated in?

For the meantime, do you have any other Apps you would like to see Buffer integrated in? Please share them with us below and we will try our best to work something out.

Check out Refynr here.



There was a fantastic feature of the new partnership on AllTwitter and you can read it up here.

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