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How To Finally Make Twitter Work For You

I am thrilled to have this guestpost from Lane Vance (@lanevance) today , who runs a great Social Media blog. More about him at the bottom of the post.

Twitter is NOT easy! At least that is what I used to think when I first discovered what Twitter meant for me. This is what I learnt whilst trying to develop my profile for personal and professional growth. I found I could easily spend the majority of my day focusing on nothing but Twitter.

That involved finding content, reading tweets, tweeting my finds and sending RTs. While this was effective at starting to build my reputation it was painful, time consuming and I knew it was not sustainable.

How I Changed My Twitter Strategy Completely Buffer this

I started experimenting with several different services trying to find the perfect combination. The key goal was to find something that would help me manage my feed while freeing up time to have meaningful interactions with my Twitter friends and get my in-real-life work done as well.

While some services showed promise they either didn’t pan out or they were broken more often than not. It forced me to spend more time troubleshooting, fixing, or moving between services.

Needless to say I was not enjoying my Twitter experience! I was working for Twitter rather than it working for me and I knew I had to find a better way. That’s when I discovered Buffer.

What Can I Do Differently Now?

Buffer truly changed my Twitter experience and has allowed me to interact with my tweeps rather than spending endless hours finding and timing tweets. It has also allowed me to stop babysitting services to make sure they are working or dealing with their inane requirements and limitations.

Buffer is better than any other web service I have found because it quite simply fills in the gaps and does not get in my way. Let me tell you how:



Being able to define the specific days and times you want to tweet allows you to have complete control over when you communicate to your followers. No other tool that I have found gives you this flexibility especially when you take into account the number of ways you can add items to your Buffer.

I prefer the bookmarklet myself but you can also use their web app or tweet via email.


Being able to load up your queue with 10 or more tweets puts you in control of your Twitter feed rather than being a slave to it.


I can now choose what is being tweeted on my account. Terrible headline? That’s fine, either highlight the text you want to include in your tweet before you click your Buffer bookmarklet or just edit it before or after you add it to the queue. So simple!


I can now find and schedule content whenever I have time during the day. I’m not tied to the computer waiting for the next action to happen in 30 minutes. As long as I keep something in my buffer I know it will be shared when I want it to be.


The service is simply reliable. When I have had a question or issue both Leo and Joel have responded promptly with great information. You can tell they care about their users!


Using Buffer has also allowed me to steadily build on my Klout score. Love it or hate it, in today’s world of social media that number can be important.

By allowing me to keep a steady flow of great content and freeing my time to have meaningful interactions with my Twitter buddies I have seen a consistent increase in my Klout score over the past couple months.

At the end of the day, the reason to be on Twitter is for the personal interactions. It is, after all, a social network. Don’t get bogged down by the dread of finding a way to keep up. Let Buffer do the heavy lifting for you and put Twitter to work for you!

How have you put Twitter to work for you?



Lane Vance tweets (@lanevance) and blogs ( about technology, social media, online safety/security, WordPress, and web performance. Hit him up anytime, he is a great guy!

If you would like to write a blogpost about Social Media, Twitter or your Buffer experience, email me leo @

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