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10 Stories Showing The Amazing Power Of Twitter

Fortunately, the things happening on Twitter are no longer stories about what you have had for lunch or dinner.

A tweet can now have long reaching impact. The topics and areas of interest are nearly endless. Here are 10 stories, some positive some negative, caused by Tweets, that I have learnt greatly from in the past:


1.) Barack Obama Tweets Personally

In time for the American elections taking place next year, Barack Obama is taking an interesting approach. He will start to update the massive @BarackObama Twitter account himself. Tweets coming from him will be marked with the tag “-BO”. I think this is a fantastic move to create a personal appearance.

Lesson learnt: Taking up efforts to make your tweets unique and personal is a fantastic way to stand out from the rest.



2.) Colbert’s Tweet Gets 37,000 Retweets

Last year, in order to support the environmental problems caused from the oil spill, Stephen Colbert tweeted a link to help cleaning up the mess. The tweet took off like never a tweet before and got the crazy figure of 37,000 Retweets.

Lesson Learnt: Twitter is a great place to help others and to get help. Using it to do good is always supported by people.


3.) Zappos offers Twitter classes for employees

This was another point I was amazed off. Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos mentions frequently that Twitter is one of Zappos most important channels. The fact that they offer Twitter classes to educate employees on how to use Twitter well is a great example of taking this medium seriously.

Lesson Learnt: In order to make the most of Twitter, a few basic lessons are to be learnt and understood. Teaching them is vital.



4.) US Congressman Weiner confuses @replies with DMs

There is probably little explanation needed for the incident that happened a few weeks back. A few personal Tweets brought the US Congressman Anthony Weiner under fire from the media, which eventually led to his resignation last week.

Lesson Learnt: Even though your @replies are normally only seen by the person that it is sent too, they are nevertheless public. Watch out if infos are sensitive.



5.) The Twitchhiker: Traveling the world for free thanks to Twitter

This is one of my favourite Twitter tales. A man set out to travel the world only with the help of his followers on Twitter only. In simple rules he would only be allowed to plan 3 days in advance and if he couldn’t move on for longer than 2 days, his quest would have failed. He went all the way in 30 days.

Lesson Learnt: Twitter is a friendly place to be. Help others and ask for help in a kind manner and you can set out for a great journey.



6.) Bing takes advantage of Japan disaster

Another story that was extremely negatively perceived by many people on Twitter was Microsoft’s campaign after the Japan earthquake. The company promised to give away 1$ for every retweet they would receive.

Lesson Learnt: Promote others and support causes without being self-centered. Naturally favours will be returned I found.



7.) Serious illness diagnosed and prevented through Twitter

“I feel like I’ve had a heart attack. Half my face is not functioning properly.” Is what Patrick Johnson tweeted. His friend Marj replied: “If you’re being serious, go to the doctor – the symptoms of facial paralysis mimic infarction”.

Lesson Learnt: Speed is often key and Twitter’s real time nature can be a literal lifesaver on occasions, don’t forget to use it that way if it’s appropriate.

8.) 50 Cent increases his wealth by $ 10 million with a tweet

This is a very interesting one. 50 Cent posted a tweet suggesting to his followers to buy stock in “H & H Imports” which he held a 12% stake in. The stock price soared and brought him an additional $10m nearly overnight.

Lesson Learnt: It is up to you to decide if this move is good or bad. In either way, it shows how incredible Twitter’s power can be.



9.) Marriage proposal over Twitter – accepted

This is something happening more and more and not everyone thinks it is the most romantic way to propose to someone. Yet, the fact that people aim to build such relationships via Twitter is just incredible to me.

Lesson Learnt: Malcolm Gladwell’s “Twitter is only a place for weak ties” isn’t entirely true after all and we may be able to build lasting and meaningful relationships through it.



10.) Dell earns approximately 100,000$ per Tweet

Dell was one of the first companies of jumping on the Twitter bandwagon. The massive account boasting over 1,6 million followers is being used on many different occasions. One being to tweet great offers for their followers. Great return on just a few tweets each week if you ask me.

Lesson Learnt: Social Media doesn’t help if you don’t have a kick-ass product behind your efforts.



Personally, I am always amazed when I reflect on how many incredible things have already happened through Twitter.

How about you? Do you think the power of Twitter will increase further? What do you think about these stories?

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