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Why Obama’s First Tweet Is A Great Sign

As of today, the American President has sent his first Tweet. Earlier last week, he announced that he would start Tweeting himself with the tag “-BO” to mark his Tweets.

This first tweet couldn’t be any better timed and carries a great message too:


[blackbirdpie url=”!/BarackObama/status/82505176849711104″]


Why is this Tweet worth Highlighting?

Now, especially as I come from a different country, I couldn’t express any political affiliation. Yet, regardless of politics I think this is a great sign.

To me, it marks the growing importance of Social Media and especially Twitter as a whole. Celebrities have long started to use Twitter to get closer to their fans and friends.

Techsavvy Obama, although not the first politician getting personally involved on Twitter, may be paving the way for a more mainstream direction. And hey, after all, it was a heart-warming message too.


What do you think about Barack Obama getting personally involved in Social Media?

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