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Will Google+ Kill Twitter?

20 million users in 24 days. Yes, that is true, I am going to write it again. 20 million users in 24 days. That’s the impressive number of people who are already on Google+ right now. Google+ is taking the most prominent place on all tech news site and every slight change is recorded as closely as possible.

People I respect dearly such as Chris Brogan or Robert Scoble have reflected upon the power of Google+ in many posts already. One question that I have asked myself many times in the past though was whether Google+ potentially threatens Twitter’s existence.


What stands out above all things is the incredible growth figure Google+ achieved. And according to a recent report the crowd is very early adopter heavy too. With about 40 million active Twitter users, which happen to be a very large tech and early adopter crowd too, it got me thinking.

Are they going to leave Twitter behind and change over to the shiny new thing?


Is this a zero sum game?

At first my intuition was this: We are all spending more and more time online. More users get comfortable surfing long hours on the internet. Will a third big player next to Twitter and Facebook simply serve different needs? After using all three for some time now, I am no longer sure about this. It feels that one has to go. Checking in on three social networks each day seems like a heavy load.

What are your thoughts on managing your time with an additional social network?


Is it important to evolve organically?

One thought that always brings me back to the thought that Google+ will have a hard time beating Twitter and Facebook is the fact that we are human beings with habits. Of course, I am a big fan of disruptive innovation and love to try out new stuff. Yet, there is a high stickiness the two other social networks have developed. Ripping something apart that fast is something I can’t see happen.

Do you think with Google+ all of a sudden showing up, it is ignoring the important element of organic growth?


Google might be playing a different game than you think

A great article I have read from Rick Liebling brought the whole discussion on Google+ vs Facebook and Twitter to a new level for me. He mentioned that Google is far more likely to threaten Microsoft and Apple with Google+. Google+ is the glue that will connect your Youtube, search, Google Docs and gmail experience. And bring as all to leave desktop Apps behind. To me, the social aspect was very much in the foreground, yet Rick’s thoughts make a lot of sense.

Is Google+ more a threat to Microsoft and Apple for connecting all Apps we work on in the cloud?

I have no clue

As you can see from my questioning above, I am having a tough time saying what and how things are going to turn out. Frankly, I have no clue and it is far to early to jump to any types of conclusion in my view. Google+ is disrupting things big time. I am not sure in which direction.

What is your intuition when thinking about Google+ and Twitter?

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