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How To Make The Most Of Twitter Analytics Tools: Discussed in #ToolsChat

Tonight, Wednesday at 10pm EST @MQTodd and I will be hosting another session of #ToolsChat. The topic we are going to discuss is Twitter Analytics Apps.

I am eager to find out which ones you are using each day and how they help you to make the most of Twitter.



Here are the questions to be asked:

Q1 Which tools can we use to track the development of your Twitter account? Is it important?

Q2 Which are the numbers we should focus on? # of followers vs. mentions and retweets?

Q3 How can we use @Klout or @PeerIndex to make the most of Twitter?

Q4 How can we use Tools that find the “Best Times To Tweet”? How accurate are they?

Q5 After Twitter acquired BackType, might we see Twitter’s own analytics App soon?


How do I best follow #ToolsChat?

I believe the easiest way for you to participate is to set up a search column in Tweetdeck or Hootsuite with the hashtag #ToolsChat.

Alternatively we have also set up a specific event for you here: ToolsChat. It will allow you to have all the details of the chat next to the tweets.


When does it start?

#ToolsChat will take place every Wednesday at 10p.m. Eastern Time.


Ok, Michael and I hope to see you there.  🙂

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