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How to be successful on Twitter with Buffer and Google Reader

This is a guestpost from Kevin Sablan alias @ksablan.

How I use Twitter

The way I use Bufferapp works for me because I’ve done two things over the course of years. First, I’ve subscribed to hundreds of blogs and organized them into folders/categories in Google Reader.

Second, I decided long ago to use my @ksablan Twitter account to discuss and share links related to journalism, links and how social media and SEO relate to those specific topics. So I’ve built a small group of friends who have come to expect links about those topics in particular.

How I use Buffer and Google Reader

Every morning I open up my Google Reader with the express purpose of finding links to share with my Twitter followers.

I click on a few key folders: Journalism, NewsBiz, Search and Favorites and look for posts that I hope my friends might find interesting, paying special attention to original ideas, reporting or research.

When I find post that I might want to share, I click on it to read it in its original form. Frequently, I find interesting details or provocative quotes buried deep within a post.

I select and copy that detail with my cursor and then hit the Bufferapp button in my Safari browser. If the whole selection and link fits within 138 characters, I usually just add quotation marks and then add the post to my Buffer. If the selection is too long to fit in a tweet, then I paste the whole quote in and edit it to fit (using ellipses … to denote deleted words) or simply summarize the idea.


What have I achieved with Buffer?

Doing this allows me to carry out my daily tasks without worrying that I’ve let my Twitter stream stagnate. It also helps to spark discussions with my Twitter friends.

The occasional peek at Bufferapp’s simple stats has taught me that my 3:20 p.m. tweets are generally the most popular (clicked on) and have the greatest reach (most retweets). With that data in mind, I will be modifying the times that Bufferapp sends out my tweets.

How do you use Buffer? Do you think the Google Reader feature is helpful for you too?



About the author: Kevin blogs about Journalism, Social Media Tools and people on Almighty Link. There are also stunning photos he is taking here. Hit him up @ksablan anytime, he is a super nice guy.

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