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How Important Is Twitter To Get What You Want? Discussed in #ToolsChat

Today we have another exciting session of #ToolsChat at 10pm EST with @MQTodd and me (@leowid). Last week’s chat went extremely well and lots of you contributed.

I grouped all answers together and this amazing post with 100+ RTs came out of it. So big thanks to all of you that participated, this is your post:

8 Little Known Features From Great Twitter Tools

Today’s topic will be all about:

How Can You Use Twitter To Move Forward With Your Goals?

These are the 6 questions we are going to ask:

Q1: Which Tools Help You Manage Your Twitter Network?

Q2: Who are people on Twitter with great knowledge of Twitter Tools? Please tweet with their handles

Q3: In what ways can businesses interact better with customers on Twitter? Tools, strategies?

Q4: How have you used Twitter to achieve your goals? Tools? Strategies?

Q5: What topics would you like to see on #toolschat and who should we have as a guest?

Q6: What has been the most effective time saving tool for you on Twitter and why?


How do I best follow #ToolsChat?

I believe the easiest way for you to participate is to set up a search column in Tweetdeck or Hootsuite with the hashtag #ToolsChat.

Alternatively we have also set up a specific event for you here: ToolsChat. It will allow you to have all the details of the chat next to the tweets.


When does it start?

#ToolsChat will take place every Wednesday at 10p.m. Eastern Time.


Ok, Kelly, Michael and I hope to see you there.  🙂


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