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6 Types Of Blogposts That Will Get Your Retweets Through The Roof

This was always the most important question for me, when I started out blogging. It is something which took me quite a while to figure out and I am by no means at a stage where I have completely understood it. Yet, over the past months, I have seen a clear pattern here on the Buffer blog.

Last week, we had a look at which Tweets get retweeted the most. So today, we will have a look at:

Which Types Of Blogposts Get Retweeted The Most? Buffer this

Here are the 6 different typs of blogposts that have performed the best here on our blog. I hope they can be of help for your blogging techniques too:

1.) Write Actionable List Posts To Get More Retweets Buffer this

The first type of posts I have seen perform extraordinarily well here on the Buffer blog are actionable list posts. The reason for this is very simple: If you have a “7 Tips To” post for your readers available, they will know exactly what they are going to get.

If you and I see such a list post, we know that we can quickly browse through each of the Tips and see if there is anyone amongst them that could help us immediately. These posts are very easy to digest and a great way to learn new things with minimal time spent.

Here is an example post that did very well based on these factors:

5 Tips To Make Your Personal Twitter Account Stand Out


2.) Write In-depth HOW TO Posts To Get More Twitter Exposure Buffer this

The second type of posts that do very well are in-depth HOW TO posts. The most important part with these types of posts is that you are convinced any reader can go away and do a crucial part of their daily activities better.

On a sidenote I would suggest to break up the post up in easily digestible chunks similar to a list post. Try looking at each sub headline as a separate blogpost. This will give your readers a great overview and make them more likely to reshare a post.

Here is an example post that did very well based on these factors:

Top Things To Do If You Only Have 20 Minutes A Day For Twitter


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3.) Write Fully Data-Driven Posts To Get More Twitter Exposure Buffer this

As a matter of fact I have learnt that everyone loves data. Data shows proof of events beyond opinions. This makes it a very powerful source for any reader to both consume and share.

Of course data alone is often very difficult to make sense of. What I found here is that only if you are able to turn data into real, actionable knowledge this technique will work. followers come back to reading and engaging with you.

Here is an example post that did very well based on these factors:

What Is More Powerful For Traffic: Twitter, Facebook Or Google+? [DATA]


4.) Do Interviews With Well Known People To Get More Twitter Exposure Buffer this

This is a tricky headline of this section. Of course, you shouldn’t interview well known people only to get more retweets. The benefits of getting to know and to speak to some well known people in your field go way beyond this.

Yet, this can be a very powerful technique to use. The reason is very simple. You can tap into both your own and your interview partner’s network to promote your content. It is also a fantastic opportunity to get to know and learn from these people in a hands on way.

Here is an example of a post that did very well based on these factors:

How To Be More Unique On Twitter: Tweet Café with @MayhemStudios


5.) Find Compelling Infographics For Your Blogposts To Get More Retweets Buffer this

This is a type of content I recommend because of a variety of reasons. The most interesting one being that it will take literally no effort on your behalf. You can simply take any infographic and post it as a post. Yet, I would be cautious about a few things.

Infographics are everywhere these days. If yours has already been reblogged dozens of times it will be hard to get a lot of exposure for it. Also, try to add content and thoughts to the infographic instead of just posting it as a picture alone. For us, this has increased our retweet rate enormously.

Here is an example of a post that did very well based on these factors:

The Sharepocalypse Is Coming [INFOGRAPHIC]

6.) Allow Users To Retweet Various Quotes More Easily To Get More Retweets Buffer this

This last tip is something I have only explored very recently. What I have started to do is adding a Buffer button next to headlines to allow people to retweet a particular element of the post. This has shown to give us a great number of benefits:

  • Readers get more options for retweeting one and the same post
  • You as a blogger, will get more retweets on average
  • It prompts you to write better copy if you give readers the option to retweet from inside the post
  • Your posts look less like everyone else’s and you are bringing something else to the table

7 Stunning New Twitter Stats


Of course, I am still always learning and iterating the types of posts I am writing. At the end of the day, what I am really after is to find the best tips and tools for you guys to get more out of Social Media.

What were your results so far? Have you seen certain posts perform better than others?


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