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Which Tweets Get Retweeted The Most? [ANALYSIS]

What does it take to get your Tweets retweeted? This is a question I always tried to find an answer to. Doing this beyond a “Tips” level and adding some juicy data was usually quite difficult as our Twitter following never reached a quantity where it would statistically speaking make sense to give a recommendation.

Fortunately, in recent months, we could grow our Twitter account to a level, where I can now more accurately measure the impact of each Tweet.

When I glanced over our analytics from inside Buffer recently I was struck with Tweets, that ever so often stood out as being a lot more retweeted than others. I tried to find a pattern that might help you and me understand better, which Tweets can turn out to be the most interesting ones for your community.

On average our @Bufferapp Tweets get around 3-5 retweets, the ones I showcase here have significantly more than that.

I examined three different types of Tweets below, that have shown to give us a lot more retweets than usual and I hope it helps you to give your next Tweets more exposure:

Write Short And Data Driven Tweets To Get More Retweets Buffer this

The first type of Tweet, that stands out significantly in our analytics are those which contain fresh and unexpected data. Making those short and with an element where followers feel they can get real value from continuing reading, has given us a spike in retweets many times:

In short, I believe it is key to answer questions that many people ask themselves. In the Social Media space, many ponder the fact which traffic channel can deliver the most traffic. Doing a comparative analysis of the 3 top Social Networks, we, yet again, saw a spike in retweets:



Add A Timely Element To Tweets To Get More Retweets Buffer this

Another crucial factor that can lead to having your retweets soar is if you share a timely detail of news with your followers. Of course, it is key here that you are amongst the first to break a piece of news and also indicate to others that this is timely. When, a few weeks back, we spotted one of the first Twitter in-stream ads “in the wild”, a quick write-up got picked up quickly.


Make Tweets All About Your Followers To Get More Retweets Buffer this

A third type of Tweets achieved on average a 100 – 150% increased rate in retweets. The reason being was if they contained actionable Tips. Here I found that making them easy to digest for your followers, by indicating it with the number of Tips increased retweet rate even further:


Another powerful insight when writing these Tips-Tweets was that if they contained the word “you” or “your”, retweet rate and click rate would go up too. Our guess here is that this shows a more personal approach and is focused on your followers instead of yourself.

Which Other Factors Matter To Get More Retweets? Buffer this

Of course, the main purpose of this post was to delve deep into various copywriting tips to get your Tweets retweeted by your followers. Naturally, great copy is just one aspect of when writing great Tweets. Here are a few other factors you might want to consider:


Get 200% more clicks on Tweets

By Buffering Tweets, they are posted at optimal times giving you 2x more exposure.

Optimal Timing Of Your Tweets

A very important aspect to consider is to send out your Tweets when others will actually get a chance to see them. A Tool I would like to recommend here is called Tweriod. The App takes a look at all your followers and determines an optimal timing for you.

Conveniently the app gives you a few timeslots and a nice looking graph that you can use to send your Tweets at a better time. What I like a lot here is that the algorithm is a lot smarter than other comparable tools out there. It excludes automated Tweets and focuses both on your and your followers Tweets.


Consistency And Regularity Of Your Tweets

Another crucial factor to keep getting retweets is to have a continual stream of Tweets. Doing so will build trust and familiarity amongst your followers. If you can establish yourself as someone who continually Tweets great content, it is a lot easier for your followers to hit the retweet button, even if something is only mildly interesting.

The best way to go about this I found, is to spend 10 minutes each morning filling up my Buffer with Tweets. Of course you can use any Tweet scheduling App to do so.

Quantity And Quality Of Followers

As a final aspect which can’t be ignored, building a targeted and large Twitter following is key. Although this may sound overly obvious, only if you have a large enough audience people can retweet you.

Therefore investing time in building your Twitter Tribe should always be on your agenda. Try playing around with Twitter directories such as Listorious or WeFollow and you will soon reach both a highly targeted following as well as one with an acceptable quantity.

Which Of Your Tweets Have Performed The Best?

Over to you now, as I bet you have a lot of experience in this field yourself. Which types of Tweets have you seen perform the best? Do you think some of the mentioned techniques could help getting your Tweets more widespread?

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