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5 Features Of The Brand New Buffer Firefox Plugin

We are glad to tell you about the latest development happenings over here at Buffer. As of this week we have published the fully fledged Firefox plugin for you available to use.

You can install it here or via our goodies page of course.

It boasts about the same features as the Chrome extension and I hope if you have been using the Bookmarklet for Firefox to date, then this is a good update for you.

1# Buffer any webpage you come across

Similar to the Chrome and Safari extension you can hit the Buffer icon at any time and add a tweet to your Buffer. The only real difference is that the placing of the icon is in the bottom right in the Firefox add-on bar.

2# Buffer your Retweets right from

I hope Retweeting something right from is helpful too with the new Firefox extension. Simply spend some time browsing your Twitter stream and Buffer a few tweets instead of retweeting immediately and clogging up your stream.


3# Use a Keyboard shortcut “ctrl + alt +b” to Buffer

Hitting these buttons on any page will bring up the Buffer Box. There is nothing much to say about this apart from the fact that I took a picture of my hand showing you how to do it 😉

4# Highlight some text and the click the Buffer icon

The highlighting feature is of course also available for your Firefox add-on. Simply highlight a quote or line you think is great to tweet and hit the icon. Alternatively you can also highlight and then press “ctrl + alt + b” to make it into a tweet.


5# Right click and Buffer through there

Joel also put another great feature in for you. Simply right click your mouse on any page and you can Buffer through the menu there by “Buffer that page”. Oh and excuse that this is in German below, it shouldn’t be for you!



Ok, that’s it. Also, I wanted to say that all these things are of course doable with your Chrome extension too. Most are doable with your Safari, but I heard from my good friend Joel that there is an update coming for it soon.

Let me know any thoughts you have about this. Oh and of course, since it is fairly recent you might find a few bugs. If you do, please let me know, we are eager to fix them quickly.


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