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[BREAKING] Twitter Instream Ads Are Live

Update: @Zee from The Next Web updated me on this. In fact, the ads instream have been live for selected users already. It is the instream ads from other companies that are yet to be spotted.

Only a few days ago, word got out that Twitter Instream Ads are about to go live in a month from now for selected users. Turns out, it is live already.

As of a few minutes ago, we spotted an ad in the wild right inside our Twitter stream. The interesting thing here is that this is made part of your stream whilst being several hours old already. The dynamics of the ads are obviously not quite clear yet to us.

I am also not quite sure how many users Twitter is testing this feature with, yet it seems that this is one of the very first discoveries for it to be seen in the wild.

Worth noting is also that AllThingsD reported that these ads will come from companies your are NOT following. Turns out that this isn’t actually true as Joel IS following the Twitter account that was promoted in his stream. (see update on top)


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Personally, I believe this is a very interesting model and certainly tries to add value to your stream instead of being spammy. It will be interesting to see where Twitter is taking this in terms of matching up interests of followers and companies that want to promote content.

What do you think of this new way to monetize Twitter? Is this finally a way to make it work financially?


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