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80+ Twitter Tools, People and Posts from #ToolsChat

This week was the most fabulous #Toolschat ever. Thanks everyone for joining us, you all contributed amazing content as you can see from the many resources I gathered from the transcript.

A special thanks goes to this weeks guest, Kelly Kim from @Twylah, hosting the chat with @MQTodd and me. Try out Twylah here.

I was absolutely thrilled to see 58 people participating in this weeks #ToolsChat and if you want, you can follow them here.

Below you will find all the tools and posts that were mentioned starting with question 1 to question 5.


What are the best tools to read your Tweets?

Flipboard – Ipad App that focuses on displaying your Tweets visually

TweetDeck – Especially the columns feature for lists, or search terms was mentioned.

HootSuite – Similarly the columns from HootSuite were seen as very helpful to read tweets.

StrawberryApp – An App that only shows you the most mentioned Tweets from your timeline

Summify – Gives you the top 5 stories from each day.


Apps to fight information overload

Twylah – Looking at someone’s Twylah page instead of Twitter stream can make life a lot easier.

Proxlet – Filters out hashtags, people or terms you don’t want to show up in your stream, i.e. or foursquare tweets.

Refynr – Provides you with a new stream based on keywords you have entered.

SlipStream – Filters your stream in a similar way to Proxlet above.

Hootsuite – You can also put filters in for HootSuite to fight information overload

A great answer was also that you shouldn’t try to catch everything but dip in and out to read tweets.


How can you filter your stream?

Formulists – A tool to make creating your lists easier was mentioned heavily

Klout – The Klout Chrome extension was mentioned as a way to unclutter your stream


What are the best Tools to aggregate your news on Twitter?

XYDO – XYDO is a Digg style news aggregator powered from your Twitter stream

Smartr – is a great iPhone App that turns your Twitter stream into an intelligent news reader

My6sense – Similar to Smartr this App “learns” about your reading habits and only gives you the best news.

Summify, Twylah and StrawberryApp as mentioned above.

InboxQ – An App that answers questions powered through Twitter.

NutShellmail – A great App that emails you reports on hashtags and search terms

Utopic – A great new App that displays Tweets visually


Great blogposts form #ToolsChat

[BREAKING] goes mobile

How To Use Formulists by @AskAaronLee: post

Like it or not aggregation is part of the future of media: post

Twitter for Android, a great review: post


That’s it for this week, I hope the resources were useful. I hope to see you all again next week, Wednesday at 10pm EST. If I missed anything crucial from above, please let me know.

Here is the full transcript for you:

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